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The Potato As A Personal Care Product: Easy Tricks To Try Today

The potato is one of the most popular crops worldwide, so many people are already accustomed to eating this vegetable as a mealtime staple. Maybe you’re planning to eat one tonight for dinner. However, you probably haven’t thought of using a potato to look your best.

There are numerous ways to depend on the potato to get better-looking hair, skin and more. Keep reading to become accustomed to the many ways you can use potatoes to look beautiful. They’re easy enough to try right now, and since potatoes are relatively inexpensive compared to some conventional beauty products, you won’t break the bank.

Use Potato Juice To Banish Blemishes

You might already have a juicer in your kitchen cupboard, but even if you don’t, it will be easy to find your preferred models by browsing a home store in your area. After adding a potato to your juicer and extracting as much of the juice as possible, use the liquid as a facial cleanser.

Just add this regimen to your daily routine and see if this offers a low-cost path towards clearer skin. You can also soak a paper towel in potato juice and then apply it to your face for 20 minutes. If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of keeping your eyes completely covered for that long, cut eye holes out of the paper towel before putting it in contact with the potato juice.

Treat Sunburned Skin With Potato Slices Or Juice

Despite the wide variety of sunblock available on the market, some people still get badly burned skin, either because they didn’t apply sunblock often enough or because they opted to use sunblock that wasn’t strong enough for their complexion, activity level and environment.

Whatever the case may be, you’re probably well aware of just how painful sunburns can be. Even merely touching a sunburn can cause pain, which may make basic necessities like wearing clothes or sitting in a chair feel almost unbearable as material comes in contact with your skin.

The next time you’re in this common predicament, grab a potato from your pantry. Simply apply slices of the vegetable to the sunburned area. Alternatively, dab potato juice on your skin. The second method may be better to try if you’re dealing with delicate or smaller areas, such as areas of the face or the ears. The potato should offer a soothing, cooling effect that results in the relief you seek.

Get Rid Of Dead Skin Cells

Enjoy skin that looks radiant, rejuvenated and free of dead skin cells by peeling a potato and grating it and then applying the pieces to your face. Leave the potato there for 10 minutes before rinsing your face clean. When you do this technique daily, it should have a positive effect on the way your skin looks.

Lighten Dark Circles And Spots

There are many beauty products that claim to reduce dark circles that appear under the eyes. Besides using those products, some people get in the habit of putting cucumbers over their eyes, especially if they’ve ever been to day spas.

However, if you don’t have any cucumbers in your crisper drawer, just use potatoes instead. Doing so will reduce puffiness and have an overall soothing effect that could be especially worthwhile if you’re trying to get back on your feet after a long weekend. Alternatively, target the dark circles more precisely by applying potato juice under your eyes with a cotton ball.

Dark spots can be just as displeasing as dark under-eye circles. However, the mighty potato could get rid of those, too. Get started by peeling potatoes and then blending them. Massage the affected area before applying the blended potatoes, and then keep the mixture there for five minutes. After that time has passed, rinse your skin with water.

Tackle Rashes, Bites And Other Itchy Problems

Itchy skin can be extremely annoying because it may become a constant distraction for the people who suffer from it. Although there are many anti-itch creams and other topical treatments to use, you may prefer to just try a potato rather than heading to your pharmacy. In the same way that you learned to apply potato slices to sunburned skin, treat your itchy areas by holding a potato on them.

Promote Better Hair Growth

So far, the techniques talked about have focused on the skin. However, your hair is arguably just as noticeable and deserves some potato pampering, too. Begin by juicing four medium potatoes. Make sure not to peel the potatoes before juicing them.

The skin is packed with vitamins that are beneficial for your hair. When applying the juice, massage it thoroughly from root to tip, and pay special attention to your scalp. After leaving the mixture on your strands for at least 20 minutes, rinse it off with lukewarm water.

This option is something you could try whenever you regularly take showers, and just perform the potato treatment as a step you take before washing your body or shampooing your hair.

Alternatively, whisk an egg yolk until it has a slightly frothy consistency. Then, add the juice from three medium potatoes, plus a tablespoon of honey. After mixing everything together, apply the substance to your hair, and leave it there for a half-hour.

Particularly because of the honey, you may find it’s a little harder to rinse from your hair than potato juice alone. Try using a mild shampoo for better results.

Improve Oily Hair

Many people struggle with overly oily hair and invest in special shampoos to keep the excess moisture at bay. If that situation sounds familiar, see if a potato and yogurt mixture could offer similar benefits at lower prices.

Just grate a large potato, and extract the juice from another one. Then, add a tablespoon of plain yogurt, and mix everything until it has a pasty consistency. Once you’re done, apply the product to your hair, and let it sit for 20 minutes before rinsing it completely off. This technique not only gets rid of excess oil, but has an overall cleansing effect.

Enjoy Shinier Strands

Pin ItTo give your hair a rich glow, place five potatoes in boiling water without peeling them. Leave the vegetables there for an hour. After that, take the potatoes out and save the water, because that’s what you’ll be using to wash your hair. This remedy is often recommended to brighten dull, grey hair, but it could give more shine regardless of your hair’s hue.

Hopefully, you now feel much more informed about some of the various ways you can use potatoes as part of your personal care practices. The ideas above may not completely replace the things you already do to look your best, but they may broaden your beauty perspectives by proving that an unconventional ingredient could offer amazing results.

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