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The Most Incredible Thing We Forget Every Day

Life Brings A Lot Of Responsibility

No matter who we are, what we do, or when we were born, life can be pretty tough.

There are obligations, duties, and responsibilities that come as we get older.

Feeling trapped, we sometimes will lash out to the ones closest to us.

Other times, we take people for granted.

We spend time planning our futures and checking things off a “to-do” list.

Even our “bucket” list has an expiration date as we struggle to get as much done as soon as possible.

Our attention to detail waivers with the technology we have created, yet it hinders us as well.

It doesn’t solve every problem.

Google cannot help us remember this “one” thing.

Life Is So Much More…

Every day is a new day.

Never is a day repeated.

Whether we be off to work or dealing with a broken dishwasher at home.

Life is watching the flowers bloom after a hard winter…

Life is bearing witness to a miracle no one believed would ever happen…

Life is traveling to amazing places, even if you never travel far to find them…

Life is meeting some amazing people who change you forever…

Life is feeling joy and happiness all captured in a baby’s laughter…

Life is falling in love over and over again.

Therein Lies The Contradiction We Create

We get so wrapped up in work, kids, and school that we even more stress.

Focusing on having well-rounded kids, we put them in just about every activity we can think of, then complain about how we have no time.

Then, we start to compare our lives to the neighbors, wondering how they have time to go on a week-long vacation.

Honestly, we barely have time to sit down.

Rushing from here to there, never really appreciating any of it.

This mentality of being afraid of “missing out” has led us to be on this constant quest that never ends.

Even I had that attitude and I remember telling myself, “I want it all” while still in college – even identifying everything I craved.

Our long sought-after thirst for something we can never quite find, we trip over our own feet.

When given the chance to truly be honest with ourselves and look within, we come to the heartbreaking truth…

This is not the life we want to live.

Our Admission Becomes Our Truth

In that moment, we have come to realize that our biggest heartbreak is not found in the places we believed we needed.

It has not been discovered in the days we rushed through.

No, it is found in the moments – those precious moments – when we forgot to just “be.”

To be present in the moment, no matter how small. No matter how seemingly normal or easy.

Simple moments like:

  • Having coffee with your best friend week after week
  • Hearing your child call you “Mom” or “Dad”
  • Feeling the embrace of your spouse, knowing how safe you feel in their arms
  • Sitting out on your backyard deck, enjoying the sunset with a drink in your hand
  • Watching something majestic happen right before your eyes – the kind where you have to ask yourself, “Did that just happen?”
  • Coming home to a clean house after being gone all week for a business trip
  • Providing comfort through a hug to a stranger who fears the loss of someone they love
  • Smiling for no reason at all…

pin-button-incredible-thingsWe need to remember again

Life is crazy and chaotic. Part of that is our fault.

We have forgotten to feel what being alive really means.

Stop looking for others to make this happen for you…only you can do it for yourself.

Tap into your favorite memories and the feelings invoked because of them.

Let them move through you, just like water washes over us in the ocean.

Allow your body to become one with your surroundings, never being distracted by harsh noises, negative people, or a list that will never be complete.

Silence your mind and be still.

Keep your breathing quiet as you fall into a trance of “being.”

Close your eyes as you open your heart and soul to everything you will ever need.

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By Michelle A.Homme
Michelle A. Homme is an author and speaker. She has a degree in Political Science and is a quote writer, and contributor to various websites. In addition, she has taught at women's shelters and been interviewed for local TV programming. Michelle is married with 3 grown up sons.

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