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The Long-Term Benefits Of Being Physically Fit That Are Often Forgotten

Even the least knowledgeable health buffs can tell you that exercising is good for you. In particular, adding some muscle to your body does a lot more for you than just make it easier for you to carry the groceries.

You’ll Have More Energy

Being in top physical shape (and staying that way) means you won’t have to exert as much energy doing your “normal” day-to-day activities.

On days when you’re not going to the gym, you can expect a lot more endurance throughout the day as your body is accustomed to tearing it up at the gym, where much of your energy would be normally spent. You’ll be better able to keep up with your kids, walking through the mall won’t wear you out as easy, and…

… You’ll Be A Better Lover!

That’s right: better sex.

Having a strong body can make you more attractive to your partner, and being in good shape can increase your sex drive (for both men and women). You won’t tire out as easily in the bedroom, and being strong (and maybe a little flexible) can open up a variety of possibilities to help spice things up a bit.

Work out with squats, pelvic tilts, lunges and lower abdominal exercises to increase your power and endurance during sex.

Your Joints Will Thank You

Even if you’re not a long-distance runner, having strong legs can ease the burden on your ankles and knees, as strong tendons allow the joints to move easier with less pressure on your valuable cartilage. Other body parts, like your back and shoulders, also benefit greatly from a healthy, strong muscular system.

Toe stands, squats and leg extensions help keep your vital joints healthy long into your later years.

You’ll Be Better Protected

Your muscles are like the natural armor of your body. Bigger, thicker muscles means more protection in the event that something traumatic happens, like a car accident. Like an absorbing shield, your abdominal muscles will better protect your vital internal organs if they are toned and in shape.

Core exercises like sit-ups, push-ups and crunches will strengthen the muscles that protect your abdominal cavity.

You’ll Be Warmer

Having a thicker body means more resistance to the cold, and muscle is heavier and thicker than fat, so it makes more sense to stay in shape if you want to be warmer.

Furthermore, having a well-defined body also shows on the inside, as your larger arteries and healthy cardiovascular system will make it easier for your body to regulate its internal temperature.

Coupling your exercise with a proper high-protein diet will help you achieve your desired gains faster and give you the thickness you want.

You’ll Have Better Balance

Exercises naturally teach your body to balance itself through repetition, but particular muscle groups are very helpful when it comes to keeping your body upright.

While your calves, shins and leg muscles come to mind as the obvious muscle groups, you’d be surprised to know that much of your balance comes from your core. The muscles that allow your body to shift positions quickly can help you keep from tumbling in a slippery situation, as any skateboarder, skier or snowboarder could tell you.

Pin ItWork out your gluteal muscles, lower back and abdomen (think hula-hoop motions) to improve your natural balance.

You’ll Feel Great

Being in the best shape of your life is an awesome feeling, adding to your confidence and improving your self-image.

While it’s really what’s inside that counts, having a nice “outside” isn’t a bad thing either.

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By Shauna Walker
Personal trainer, fitness coach and wellness expert for over twenty years. Shauna is able to connect personally with her clients because I faced my own wellness challenges at a young age. She started her personal journey towards feeling fit and healthy twenty years ago, and has never looked back. Once struggling with her weight, she also had confidence issues and found it hard to stick with diet and exercise. Shauna managed to break free of this struggle, and now wants to give back and share the lessons she has learned.

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