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The 4 Phases Of Creation: Are You A Dreamer, Thinker, Tasker Or Doer?

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Creation. It’s defined as the action or process of bringing something into existence.

We as human beings are trying to create every day. Sometimes it’s little things like making a cup of coffee or tea. Sometimes it’s big things like creating a better relationship, or even a whole new human life. Or even bigger things – ideas or concepts that go beyond a single human lifetime.

Of course, if you’re like me, it definitely seems like more time is spent on the “cup of coffee” level of creation than the latter ones, but hey, we are still creating. Life, after all, is all about creation. Never-ending, constantly-changing, creation.

What’s important about that is recognizing that Creation IS an ongoing process, and a “Universal” one. And that YOU are always playing a role in that creation process… Actually, you are here to play a VERY specific role. How specific?

Less than 4/10th’s of a percent of the human race has ever played your role.

Got your attention?

Before we dive into the tiny pieces that make up less than 1% of the creation process, let’s start with the basics…

The Universal Process of Creation can be divided into 4 equal pieces.IMG_3946

Think of a circle with an “X” in it that divides the circle into what looks like a 4 slice pizza.
There is a “slice” on each side, one on the top, and one on the bottom.
Each “slice” or “phase” represents a step in the Universal Process of Creation.
Starting from the slice on the right side, and going counter-clockwise those 4 Phases are:

  • Dream It
  • Think It
  • Task It
  • Do It

Follow along with me here.
If you’re just making a cup of coffee (or my favorite – tea), the process is pretty automatic by now. But if you stop and really look at it, or if you’re trying to teach someone how to do it, the steps become more clear.

First, the “Dream” has to exist.

I think I’d like a nice cup of coffee. Wouldn’t that be great? And here’s WHY it’s so great – it’s hot, it tastes great, it gives me that energy boost I need, etc, etc, etc. But if you don’t get out of bed in the morning, that cup will never be created right?

Next step is to “Think It”.

Let’s see, I need to get the ingredients, the cup, etc, etc. Also, what kind of coffee am I making – Latte, Espresso, Mocha? And when would I like it? Right now, after breakfast, with lunch?

The third step is to “Task It”.

What are the exact steps that need to happen and who’s going to do it?
Maybe you send your significant other to get your favorite mug or a child to get a stirring spoon or whatever. Maybe you decide you’ll do it all yourself.

And then finally, after all that happens, comes the Do It step.
This is where everything comes together and the physical energy is put forth to actually create the cup of coffee.

Taken together, all of this forms the 4 Phases of the Universal Process of Creation.
It’s literally how ANYTHING goes from Concept to Creation. And here’s where it gets REALLY cool. You were born with the gifts needed to truly excel in ONE of those 4 areas. Oh sure, we can all operate in all 4 areas where needed. But we really shine in just one of them.

The-4-Phases-Of-Creation--Are-You-A-Dreamer,-Thinker,-Tasker-Or-Doer--piYou were born to be a “dreamer” or a “thinker” or a “tasker” or a “doer”.

Where does this all come from? An ancient calendar created by the lost civilization of the Maya. In this calendar, there are 260 individual “signs” that a person may be born under. The one sign that
is for the day you were born will show you what YOU were meant to be. But don’t get overwhelmed, those 260 signs are divided into 4 colors.

  • Red is for the Dreamers
  • White for the Thinkers
  • Blue for the Taskers
  • And Yellow for the Doers

Just knowing the color of your sign will tell you tons about who and what you are here to do.

Knowing OTHER people’s signs will tell you tons about them too. So go ahead, find out what YOUR Mayan Day Sign is, what color you are and then see for yourself how far down the rabbit hole you want to go. And don’t forget to bring a cup of coffee!

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By Ric Thompson
Ric Thompson, along with his wife Liz founded Cosmic Energy Profile after over 15 years of study into the principles behind the ancient calendar of the Maya. Discovering how to interpret not only personal energies set at birth, but also the daily energies all around us on an ongoing basis has led them to an amazing amount of benefits and insights into their lives and the desire to have it impact yours too. To date, has led to tens of thousands of people all over the world to explore these same benefits for themselves. Will you be next?

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