Video: Stop Procrastinating With These 3 Tips

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Procrastinating again? Then watch this video, it will be the 5 most productive minutes you’ll ever spend procrastinating.

Here are 3 ways to finally get some work done:

1. Eat An Elephant.
That thing you need to get done seems overwhelming and you have no idea where to start? Then break it into small tasks. And if that doesn’t help, break it down even further.

Then, create a detailed timeline with specific deadlines for each small task. If you only have one final deadline you will be putting work off till the last minute and procrastinating before that. Decide by what time you need all of the small tasks finished.

Also, set micro goals too. This will help you remind yourself what you will achieve if you finish this small task and how it will benefit the bigger project.

2. Pick Off The Goblins.
Sometimes the hardest part is to actually start working on the task. Because after all the planning is done you need to finally take action.

A good way to do this is to start with the most enjoyable task. This way you will show yourself that the task isn’t that scary, and you will also start with a small victory. So starting with the most fun task will shoot your motivation up and help you procrastinate less.

3. Ignore The Siren’s Song.
You need to identify your distractions and figure out a way to block them. Can’t resist the temptation of going onto Facebook every 5 minutes? Then turn off your phone, block the website or ask Pin Itsomeone to change the password so that you can’t access it until you’re done working.

If you are working in a team, make sure that everyone is helping you focus on the task at hand and not distracting you.

And remember, sometimes the environment itself can be distracting. For example, if you are working in your bedroom you are more likely to be tempted to just snuggle and take a nap than get any work done. If that is the case, change your work space.

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