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Tips For Staying Healthy During The Holidays

The holidays are here and with that, all the usual indulgences that seem to be everywhere. Just today, my co-workers filled up a giant candy dish. Why is no one doing this in the summer? It’s like after Halloween the gloves come off and anything goes as far as food.

I am not one to deprive myself, but I know that balance and moderation are important in so many aspects of life. So what can we do to keep that little black holiday dress zipping up without a struggle? Here are a few tips.

You have heard it before but it is so important when it comes to food.

Be prepared.

When we’re not hungry it’s easy to resist that greasy cheeseburger and fries, but when our blood sugar drops and eating becomes more about your inner survivalist, your mind will drop everything you know and tell you, “ who cares, just eat.” I am so guilty of this.

I let myself get too hungry then overeat all the wrong things. If you aren’t the greatest at planning ahead of time, remember that grocery stores are often a good option to get a healthier meal on the go. The deli and produce departments have pre-made and bagged salads that are perfect for quick lunches.

Sometimes the dressings in these are full of sugar, something worth reading the ingredients list for.

You can also add a baked chicken breast from the deli, a can of tuna or a smoked salmon fillet to get your protein and fill. But remember, try not to let yourself go too long in between eating because it makes resisting much harder.

Healthy Chef Creations, Sakara Life and Freshology are just a few of the businesses who can deliver healthy prepared meals to your door but it does require some pre-planning as it’s not like the drive-thru.

Sugar is in everything! We are all addicted and those cravings are no joke.

Yes, you can fight it miserably or find some other options. Having gum on hand is great for when you just finished lunch and that sugar craving creeps up. Eating a couple pieces of peppermint candy is another way to get that craving off your back.

Also, I highly recommend cutting sugar out of your drinks. If you pay attention to how much sugar your drinking each day and cut that out, eating a few pieces of candy isn’t a big deal.

From coffee creamer to energy drinks, start paying attention to all that unnecessary sugar you can remove from your diet.

Try skimmed almond milk instead of coffee mate and drinking water is the best choice for a sugar and calorie-free beverage that keeps you hydrated during the busy season.

Take the stairs. I was at an event the other day and the escalator was so full there was a line to get on. The staircase right next to it empty.
I love to get added exercise when I can, not just at the gym. So take the stairs, park in the back of the parking lot, save your back by using your legs when picking anything up throughout your day. It’s like squats without noticing!

Cocktails are another indulgence that can be packed with calories. From office cocktail parties to that cocktail you require when sitting next to Uncle Bob at Thanksgiving dinner, the booze is often flowing throughout the holidays.

To cut calories without the buzz kill (literally) try light beers, red dry wine or liquor either straight, on the rocks or mixed with soda water.

The calories from alcohol have no nutritional value. Often after drinking too much, we can make poor eating decisions, so avoid going for that fourth glass and remember to eat before you drink.

Let yourself indulge without the guilt. It’s life and it’s worth living. Starving yourself and always worrying about food are the worst things you can do. The delicious foods that come around during the holidays are meant to be enjoyed and savored. Moderation and balance are key.

Think thin. Quit judging your beautiful body so harshly. We have amazing bodies that help us do so much each day, so be grateful for your physique. Tell yourself positive things about your body and think thoughts of health.

Even if you’re not quite where you want to be yet, be proud of your efforts and picture yourself living at your perfect weight.

Stick to routines when possible. With in-laws staying in your guest room, your usual routines are disrupted which usually means your gym stop is out the door. Being out of routine is normal during the holidays but do try to keep some routine going.

Let them watch the kids while you take a quick yoga class. If that’s not happening, encourage family outings all together that get the body moving, like a hike or ice skating.

No matter your situation chances are the holiday season brings some change to your life.

With a little effort, you can avoid packing on too many holiday pounds and start your New Years off without diets and regret.

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By Brooke Dials
Brooke Dials is a mother of three who works full time and dabbles in writing on occasion. She has been on a journey of self-improvement for the past few years with the study of the law of creation. Broke finds writing helps in the learning process as well as boosts her inspiration and confidence, aiding her in living the best life possible.

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