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Spring Clean Your Mind Using These 12 Strategies

When your mind is free of distracting thoughts, worries and emotions, you are able to navigate your daily life in a more grounded and focused manner.

Maintaining a tidy and clear mental state at all times can be challenging, but with the help of some useful strategies, you can master this task for yourself and experience an overall enhanced existence.

Try the following 12 tips for sweeping your mind of unnecessary clutter. The process can be quite enjoyable!

1. Retreat To A Quiet Space

Bustling, noisy and unfocused external environments are typically not conducive to the achievement of a clear, calm and organized internal headspace.

When you find yourself being overwhelmed by outside stimulation, find a quiet space in which to regroup and release stress. Physical relaxation often goes hand-in-hand with mental relaxation.

2. Write Out Your Thoughts

One effective method for untangling and removing jumbled thoughts from your mind is to transcribe them into written words.

Clear out your busy headspace by taking time each day to write about whatever is on your mind. This exercise strengthens mental focus as well as being cathartic.

3. Try Mindfulness Meditation

When practiced consistently, mindfulness meditation provides many people with the tools needed to tidy their minds of chaotic emotions and judgments.

Concentrate on accepting a thought that passes into your mind, observing it at face value, then releasing it from your consciousness. Over time, you will experience a more open and authentic mental capacity.

4. Go For A Jog

Cloudiness, confusion and feelings of being mentally overwhelmed can be alleviated through bursts of physical activity such as walking briskly, jogging or running. Map out a path that allows for focused and uninterrupted movement and take at least 15 minutes at a time to clear your mind with help from a release of bodily energy.

5. Draw Or Paint A Picture

Similar to writing exercises, drawing or painting pictures that express your cluttered thoughts is useful for tidying your overflowing mind.

Focus intently on creating artistic works, whether they are simple sketches or elaborate renderings, as a way of regaining clarity and calmness. Try adding to a work-in-progress each day.

6. Take Brief Respites From Active Thinking

If you are a person whose mind always seems to be “on the go,” then taking breaks from active brainstorming, worrying and planning can improve your mental clarity long term. Give yourself permission to enjoy respites from over-thinking. Just empty your mind and relax to the best of your abilities.

7. Practice Deep Breathing

Breathe deeply in and out as a way to calm your nerves, center your thoughts and free your mind from stressful conditions. If you find yourself in quick need of mental grounding, then inhale slowly and deeply for a count of four, and exhale in the same manner for another count of four. Repeat until your mind has relaxed.

8. Pet Your Dog Or Cat

Surprising as it may sound, spending time petting a furry companion can put your mind into a focused rhythm. Spend a few minutes stroking your dog or cat’s fur. The repetitiveness of the task combined with the soothing sensation helps to clear away stress and distractions.

9. Ground Yourself In The Present

When you dedicate mental space toward rehashing events of the past or worrying about possibilities of the future, you put yourself at risk for living with a cloudy and unfocused mind. Center your thoughts with mantras that deal in the here and now, such as “stay present” and “live in the moment.”

10. Find An Engaging Hobby

Hobbies that require attention to detail, single-tasking and strong mental engagement can be quite effective when streamlining your thought process. Take on an activity that discourages mental waywardness, whether it is a sport, a creative endeavor, a domestic task or a game of strategy.

11. Seek Out A Confidant

Sometimes, when your mind is burdened with excessive clutter, confiding in a close friend can help to steer you back onto the path toward a focused and streamlined mentality.

Discuss your concerns with a caring and empathetic individual. Talking out your problems is a great way to release negative energy from its trappings within your mind.

12. Talk To An Expert In Mental Wellness

Pin ItIf you still feel as if you need help clearing your mind after trying the above techniques, consider seeking guidance from either a trained mental health professional or an experienced master of meditation and enlightenment practices.

These experts can recommend and facilitate additional exercises for achieving the mental clarity you desire.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Author at Since discovering the Law of Attraction, she has overcome some turbulent times to achieve plain sailing in life. Katherine strongly believes that 'you are what you think', which is why she now lives by the mantra that 'positivity is power'! Katherine’s mission is to share her own experiences of using the Law of Attraction to inspire change and happiness in the lives of all.

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