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Solitude Can Be Super And Here Are The Reasons Why

If you’re like many people, it may feel like you’re always around others, whether at work, school or in your own home.

Sometimes there’s no way around that, but it’s very important to make a point to set aside time for you. Spending time alone is often very therapeutic, and you’re missing out if you don’t let yourself enjoy the pleasure of your own company once in a while. Keep reading to learn about a few reasons why.

Spending Time Alone Can Unleash Your Creativity

Most of us are naturally creative, especially in the right setting. However, being truly creative requires confidence, and that confidence can be discouraged if you are around people who don’t believe in your abilities.

Maybe you’ve wanted to take a stab at writing your life story or to try your hand at drawing. Both of those things are just a couple of things you should be able to do much better when your creativity flows freely. Try spending at least an hour a day by yourself focusing on doing something creative and see what kind of results you get.

Spending Time Alone Encourages Self-Discovery

When you’re alone, it can put you into a state that fosters self-discovery. Being around others can be distracting, especially when people put too much effort into trying to be whatever they think others expect of them.

Being alone means you don’t have to try to impress anybody, and you can feel truly free to be yourself. Over time, you may eventually find out things about yourself that you didn’t know before, such as personality traits that come to the forefront when you’re simply in your own company.

You Become More Confident

Being alone and feeling comfortable even when no one else is around means you tend to feel more confident in yourself. Rather than depending on another person to keep a conversation going, you may just get happily lost in your own thoughts or start to practice mindfulness by focusing on certain characteristics of what it feels like to be outside on a warm summer’s day while concentrating on your breathing.

Once you realize you can be content without relying on anyone else for company, your confidence should soar, meaning you feel more confident in the company of others, too.

Being Alone Can Improve Your Memory

Your concentration can reach a high point when you’re by yourself. That could be a definite perk if you’re trying to reach a deadline or finish a project and don’t want to have to tune out other people as you work. Your memory may also be sharper and better able to retain facts when you’re spending time alone.

Get A Higher Appreciation For Yourself

Some people feel lonely when they are by themselves, but after they become accustomed to the solitude, they’re more likely to be comfortable with the idea of alone time. If you challenge yourself to savor the time alone rather than feeling out of your element, don’t be surprised if you start appreciating how great you are and being more aware of your unique capabilities.Pin It

Being alone means you don’t have to conform to what others think you should be, but can simply be yourself. That can mean your self-esteem goes up and causes you to appreciate the things that make you special.

Now that you know a few of the benefits of solitude, hopefully you’ll see opportunities to be alone as something to love, instead of loathe. Add solitude to your routine today by setting aside a block of time that’s just for you, and embrace what it feels like to be with yourself.

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Katherine Hurst
By Catherine Gordon
Catherine Gordon (PhD) has a background teaching and researching analytic philosophy. She is also a practising therapist who works with individuals and couples on issues relating to relationship difficulties, emotional well-being and self-improvement.

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