Why You Should Have Sex Before The First Date

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Why-You-Should-Have-Sex-Before-The-First-DateShould you have sex before a first date? Most people would advise against it, perhaps on the grounds that it sends the wrong kinds of messages to a potential partner. Relationship expert Arielle Ford has a different perspective—she thinks you should go right ahead and have sex before a first date!

However, she’s not talking about having sex with the person you’ll be dating—instead, she’s talking about three tips that add up to recommend “S.E.X.” (an acronym representing a series of stages that boost dating success).

Firstly, Ford looks at how to combat the fact that dating is a nerve-wracking business. If you haven’t been in the dating game for a while then an over-enthusiastic libido can lead you to act or speak in ways that lead to later regret.

Thankfully, there’s a smart way to get around this potential stumbling block. Next, she looks at what (and when) you should eat before a first date, while finally turning to explore which conversation topics are appropriate and which practically guarantee you won’t get a second date. As a bonus, she offers a science-based tip for romantic connection that may surprise you.

Learn more about why having S.E.X. leads to a better love life by checking out Ford’s fun and informative two-minute video.

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