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Self-Care For Everyday: 5 Easy Practices

We hear so much about this idea of “self-care” but what does that mean?

And with such busy lives, how do we achieve it?

To practice self-care means to acknowledge you are special and deserving! But to honor and meet those needs, it means to find a love for yourself that makes healthy, happy choices your automatic impulse.

Self-care is the practice of knowing your worth and enjoying your life!

Below I’ve listed 5 ways to seamlessly and easily make self-care a pragmatic and joyful lifestyle choice.

Blessed be!

1. Social Media Sabbatical As Often As Possible

Loving ourselves means allowing ourselves peace.

Social media is distracting, often disheartening and can really take us far from what actually matters and what true contentment means.

2. Meditate 3 Minutes A Day

That’s it! And you do not have to quiet your mind! Or light incense, or even sit down.

Just close your eyes, watch your thoughts like a movie, and breathe as slowly as you can.

In bed, the shower, a bench, your desk.

Self-care is finding the self-sanctuary. And all it takes is 3 minutes a day.

3. Keep Fresh Flowers In The Home And Windows Open

Even in the cold! Fresh air is grounding and brings a sense of expansion and space.

These feelings result in peace. Breathe in and be present.

Fresh flowers are beautiful and a lovely and simple gift to give yourself!

4. Eat Vegetarian 1 Day/ Week Or More

Fueling with beautiful, prana filled fresh vegetables, beans, fruit, and spices tell your cells, digestion, and organs “I love you! you deserve to feel healthy and be at your optimum”

Self-care is self-kindness. Self-care is health. Your cells and body do so much for you, whole, real food is a great way to say thank you.

5. Keep A Bowl Of Lavender Or Eucalyptus Essential Oil In A Hot Shower

Every moment can feel special and celebrate you! This is your life! Early mornings can be a steamy, warm oasis that sets you up for a joyful day.

Before sleep treat yourself again and drip into sweet dreams. Create and curate luxury for your soul and heart.

I hope you find these ideas helpful and easy to integrate into your life!

We all deserve a happy, lush and peaceful life. when we are kind to ourselves and pay attention to our hearts through self-care, we let the universe know we are ready to be joyful.

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Katherine Hurst
By Diana Scime-Sayegh
Diana Scime-Sayegh is the owner of Happy Heart Yoga Shala where she leads bespoke yoga for vibrant living, creating custom private practices to help release people of the blocks that keep them from living their most effervescent, joyful lives.  She received her 500-Hr from Sri Dharma Mittra and regularly practices with him and teaches at his studio. She is humbled and grateful to have the opportunity to teach yoga and is committed to serving, sharing her spiritual knowledge and transforming lives through yoga the same way she transformed her own.

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