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How To Receive Good Karma Direct From The Dalai Lama

Many people wish there was a quick way to get good karma. Although it’s not an immediate process, there are several things you can do to greatly improve your karma.

The following are some tips that came directly from the Dalai Lama, followed by a brief inspiration as to how you can put them into action.

Realize That Great Things Involve Great Risk

Whether you’re aiming to take the next step in your relationship or get interviewed for a new job, don’t let yourself be held back just because you’re afraid of taking risks. Almost all great things in life require a certain amount of risk. That doesn’t mean being careless with the decisions you make, but it’s important to go after what you want in life and to do so with fearlessness.

Follow The Three R’s

The Dalai Lama advocates adhering to the Three R’s. That means respecting yourself, respecting others and accepting responsibility for your actions. Depending on your situation, you may find it harder to follow one of these ideals more than others.

The important thing is to not become discouraged. Each of these principles is performed through a constant process. At best, they should become something you do as naturally as breathing, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to keep reminding yourself to stay on track from time to time.

Don’t Let A Little Dispute Injure A Great Relationship

When emotional tension is running high, it can be very easy to say things you later regret that ultimately end up permanently harming a formerly beautiful relationship. Disputes in any relationship are normal, especially if they happen on an occasional basis.

However, be very careful not to let things progress for so long that the relationship is damaged beyond repair. Try your best to talk things out and be open to receiving feedback. Taking the feedback into account and making an honest effort to improve for the future is also crucial.

Open Your Arms To Change, But Don’t Let Go Of Your Values

Change is an important part of a healthy life. It’s smart to be willing to evolve, but know how to do so in a way that doesn’t erode your personal values. One proactive way to get started is to be receptive to the idea of listening to other points of view, trying to see things from the perspective of someone other than yourself.

Be Gentle With The Earth

People often take for granted just how splendid natural beauty is and how much it, too, deserves respect. Being kind to the earth might be as simple as getting involved with a local recycling program or making sure to truly leave no trace when you go on a camping trip.

If you are raising kids, be aware of how much they learn from your actions. If they see you behaving in a way that’s not environmentally friendly, they’ll likely follow suit. That also means you have a wonderful chance to be a good influence on the next generation.

Pin ItIf You Want To Be Happy, Practice Compassion

As it turns out, the Dalai Lama believes happiness is not as elusive as it might seem. You just need to demonstrate compassion, he believes. Remember that there are ways to be compassionate when doing almost anything, whether you are conversing with a stranger or caring for your dog.

When your karma needs a boost, results might be as easy as trying some suggestions from the list above. Remember to be guided by them constantly, so they become a way of life.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Author at Since discovering the Law of Attraction, she has overcome some turbulent times to achieve plain sailing in life. Katherine strongly believes that 'you are what you think', which is why she now lives by the mantra that 'positivity is power'! Katherine’s mission is to share her own experiences of using the Law of Attraction to inspire change and happiness in the lives of all.

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