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Reap The Benefits Of A Healthier Workplace

A number of employers implement programs in the workplace that prioritize the physical and mental health of employees. These programs may range in scope from keeping workplace kitchens stocked with nutritious foods to having medical professionals provide health screenings and education seminars on a company-wide basis.

If your place of employment is among those that are becoming increasingly health-conscious, then you may be wondering about the benefits that you can reap from this practice. Eight ways in which you can fully take advantage of participating in a healthy workplace from a physical, emotional and financial perspective are outlined below.

1. Enjoy Reduced Stress And Anxiety

Many career fields involve stressful workplace environments from time to time, which may put employees at risk of developing physical ailments such as high blood pressure and mental conditions such as depression and anxiety.

Companies with a focus on workers’ health can help to alleviate this stress by encouraging you to exercise, take restful breaks and talk with co-workers for support.

2. Save Money On Health-Related Expenditures

Employers who offer group insurance plans for their workers are often motivated to incorporate health-improvement programs into the company culture. When your employer is able to save on health care costs due to employees being in good physical condition, you can also benefit from having less money deducted from your paycheck for health insurance.

3. Gain The Energy Needed To Work Productively

One reason why healthy workplaces are becoming more popular is that employers are recognizing the value of workers who are capable of performing their duties without complications from fatigue, low energy and illness.

Take advantage of your company’s available health incentives so that your productivity and overall well-being are maximized. You and your boss will mutually benefit.

4. Motivate And Be Motivated By Co-Workers

If you have ever tried to meet a health-related goal such as weight loss or increased endurance on your own, then you know that motivation can sometimes be difficult to maintain. Your workplace serves as a great source of motivation as you are likely to have co-workers with similar health ambitions. Encourage one another to keep going!

5. Take Advantage Of Illness Prevention Measures

Workplace practices that help to prevent health complications are important to certain people, including those who are prone to catching the flu and other seasonal illnesses. Whether your company offers on-site vaccinations or reimburses you for seeking preventative health measures from your own doctor, consider exploring this option so that you have peace of mind.

6. Explore A Greater Variety Of Healthy Foods

Access to healthy foods and limitation of junk food products in the workplace not only allow you to make better snack choices but may also give you exposure to treats that you would not have tried otherwise.

Broaden your dietary horizons at work if your kitchen or cafeteria makes nutrient-rich food a priority. You might discover delicious options for your non-work life as well.

7. Try Creative Workout Programs

Health-focused workplaces can be ideal for offering creative, fun and effective opportunities for exercise. Depending on your company’s policies, you may be able to enjoy brisk walking or Pin Itcompetitive racing in an outdoor area of the building, working out on on-site gym equipment or participating in group retreats involving yoga and meditation.

8. Strive Toward Achieving Workplace Incentives And Rewards

If you are seeking ways to stand out in the crowd at your job, then earning rewards from health-based contests and incentives within the workplace could be your answer.

Sign up for a weight loss, competitive sport or specialized diet challenge alongside your co-workers, and have fun while you aim to become healthier overall.

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By Sandie Hamilton
Sandie understands how our environment can have such a direct and poignant effect on our daily lives. She is passionate about helping her clients to live in an environment that is beneficial to their health, which empowers them to face each new day with determination and vigour and which is easily achievable. “There are many aspects at home and within our daily lives that can be changed by making small adjustments to the world around us. I can help my patients to identify a toxic environment and to change it into an environment that promotes health, clarity of mind and wellness overall.”

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