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Practice Presence

Stop and smell the roses is a phrase we have all heard, but have you ever really stopped and noticed all the beauty that surrounds you every day?  Perspective is so important to your happiness and health in life.

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, your mind likes to create stress.  Try instead to deliberately slow down and pay attention to your surroundings and all the wonderful moments that make up your life.

In other words,  be present. Practicing presence is the best way to release negative emotions. When you are continually thinking of the future, you are robbing yourself of today.  Obviously with schedules and appointments prior planning is necessary but anxiety and worry are not.

Those emotions take so much of your energy that could be being used in positive ways. The “busy” lives we all create keep so many of us from slowing down and appreciating the journey.  Why let the little annoyances get in the way of all the happy things you already have.

The trick with presence is remembering to remember.

Find something that will trigger your brain to stop and look around at the moment you are in and feel the joy of simply noticing how lucky you are to be alive. It really is the most joyous feeling to be present.

Looking up at the sky or noticing any of nature’s beauty can aid in getting you to be in the moment.

It’s easy to slip out of being present after just seconds, so it’s crucial to have triggers that can help.

Every time you check the clock or move from one room to another, start training your brain to notice your lack of presence. These triggers take some time, but as the saying goes, “ Practice makes permanent.”

Pay attention to your reactions. Do you really need to get annoyed at the line at Starbucks? Or can you instead be thankful that coffee is readily available to you at nearly every street corner?

Instead of cursing traffic be grateful for your vehicle and all the amazing things it can do.

Look up at the clouds instead of the non-moving cars in front of you, take in a deep breath and savor the joy of simply being alive.

The way you react is always your choice. Anger and frustration are keeping you from being present and harms your health. Plus it feels bad, and who wants that?  I know you think you have a right to your annoyances and frustrations with events and others in your daily life, and you do.

But I’m here to tell you if you can learn to let go and accept life and every moment as it passes, the peace you will generate is pure bliss. Believe it or not, you do have a choice about how you feel. You can allow another person’s comments to ruin your day or you can let it go.

You can complain about your problems or you can revel in gratefulness of all you have in life. If you are struggling to feel grateful, start with health.You woke up today and were able to walk. You have breath in your lungs and eyes that see.

Success and happiness are the ultimate desires of humankind, yet we often get in the way of our own happiness and think others are responsible.  Take charge of your life by taking charge of your mind first.

The next time you’re rushing, annoyed or angry, take a deep breath, briefly close your eyes and reset.  It takes practice but I promise it’s worth it.  Notice your life and you will see the magic.

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By Brooke Dials
Brooke Dials is a mother of three who works full time and dabbles in writing on occasion. She has been on a journey of self-improvement for the past few years with the study of the law of creation. Broke finds writing helps in the learning process as well as boosts her inspiration and confidence, aiding her in living the best life possible.

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