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Video: People Find Out How Successful Their Loved Ones Think They Are

The people in this video were asked to rate their success out of 10. And then their loved ones were asked to rate them too. Here is what happened:

When the participants rated themselves the results were generally low. Some of the people described themselves as “mediocre”, “insecure” and “4 out of 10”.

But when it was their loved ones turn to rate them the results were much more positive. Everyone got the top score (except for one woman getting a 9.7 and a boy giving his mom 11). This social experiment illustrated how unfair we can sometimes be to ourselves.

So how would you rate yourself?

If you have a low opinion about yourself there are many ways to boost your confidence. Here are some of them:

  1. Stop listening to negative thoughts in your head. Stop being unreasonably harsh with yourself and practice thought awareness and rational thinking. Start managing your mind and observe your stream of consciousness when in a stressful situation. As soon as you recognize the patterns in your negative thinking you can start fighting them. A good way is to challenge all your negative thoughts. Ask yourself “Is this reasonable?” and try to come up with 2 or 3 arguments why it is not.
  2. Think more positive thoughts. Even if it is about something small. Use positive affirmations to give your self-confidence a boost. Another good idea is to keep a gratitude journal. Each day take a few minutes to write down everything you are thankful for and everything you are proud of accomplishing. Keep the journal somewhere you can always see – in case you need a reminder why you are actually doing quite well.
  3. Smile more. Changing your body language can actually help you be more confident. Work on a good posture, keeping eye contact and smiling when you talk to people. You will look and feel more confident.
  4. Be clear about your goals. Make a list of things you want to achieve. Start with something small, don’t make your goals too challenging at first. Get into the habit of achieving your goals and celebrating them. Little by little you will start feeling more successful and will be ready to take on bigger goals.

Pin ItIf you need more advice on building self-confidence read this article about how you can do that in 3 easy steps.

Remember that you are awesome and you can move past any insecurities and doubts!

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