How To Overcome Your Insecurities And Make Your Own Opportunities

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If you’ve ever told yourself or others that the reason you haven’t pursued your dreams or really advanced very far in your career is that you’re just too insecure, now is the time to stop making excuses.

What you see in this TED talk will convince you that today is the first day of a more fulfilled, adventurous life in which you finally learn how to make your own opportunities.

The speaker, Kare Anderson, is a successful writer, and she has struggled with chronic shyness. Now, however, she’s not only fulfilling her writing dreams but she’s also able to get up and give a talk to this to a massive audience (both in person and online!).

If you’d like to discover how someone quiet and insecure could manage to go on this incredible journal, Anderson is happy to share her tips and explain how she arrived at the wonderful place she occupies today.

This talk answers the age-old question of “Where should I start?” (which can seem hopelessly confusing to those who feel anxious and shy). By going through her own story, Anderson gives general advice that is applicable to anyone who feels that their insecurities block success.

Pin ItIn addition, you might even find that like Anderson, you notice that helping to facilitate success and fulfillment in others is a key part of learning how to facilitate those goals in yourself.

An empowering presentation that will leave you feeling more confident and optimistic about your future, “Be an Opportunity Maker” is a talk that is not to be missed.

Even if you already consider yourself assertive and outgoing, you’re sure to find something of worth here.

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