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While it was once viewed as a desperate move that only the loneliest of people would consider, online dating is now the norm—more and more people are meeting their soulmates through websites and apps that help to connect them with compatible partners.

In spite of this, you might feel wary of trying it. Alternatively, if you’ve tried online dating and not yet found someone suitable, you might be feeling skeptical about the whole endeavor.

Personal growth and spirituality expert Arielle Ford knows a lot about how to find love and make it last, and she’s here to share the secrets that can make online dating work. This short video is packed with suggestions that can help to ensure you stay safe and get what you really want from a partner.

She looks at how to design your profile, how to present yourself in a way that preserves your privacy in the early stages, and how to vet potential matches before you ever leave the house for a date.

So, if you’ve never experimented with online dating or haven’t seen good results, don’t give up on the idea—there are ways to make it work for you and maximize your chances of finding a great relationship.

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