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Lose Weight The Natural Way With Acupressure

We all know the conventional methods for losing weight such as going to the gym, eating healthily and staying active, but these are by no means the only way to shed those pounds.

Acupressure is one of the alternative methods that are less conventional, and while not new has been experiencing renewed interest in recent years. Although acupressure is effective at helping with weight loss it is not a miracle cure and must be combined with a healthy lifestyle.

There are experts available that can assist with acupressure, but the technique is also simple enough that it can be done by yourself at home. This is great if you have a busy lifestyle as it means you can practice acupressure whenever you have the time.

The Technique

Acupressure differs from acupuncture in that you are not sticking sharp needles into your body, but instead applying pressure to key points. The stimulation of these key points starts a beneficial reaction, such as the boosting of your metabolism. Acupressure is also very effective at suppressing food cravings, so it is a very worthwhile technique to learn if you want to lose weight. Due to the large number of acupressure points on the body, it is important to know which ones to target for weight loss.

It is also worth pointing out that acupressure is actually a very safe technique and does not have the same type of negative side effects that are tied to other types of weight loss methods. However, it is always good to consult a physician first if you have any serious or life-threatening conditions.

How Does It Work?

The secret to acupressure is that it uses the natural healing mechanisms of the body. As it is a form of energy healing, it works by reducing stress and promoting well-being. By increasing circulation and lowering muscular tension it is able to cause deep relaxation, which in turn allows the body to function better. When the energy pathways in our bodies become blocked it can lead to various health issues including weight gain. With proper use of acupressure it is possible to increase your body awareness and reduce food cravings, both of which are factors that can help with weight loss.

The Pressure Points

Although there are a large number of pressure points located on various parts of the body, there are six that can directly or indirectly aid with weight loss. Use the following guide to locate and apply pressure to the correct points in order to experience the benefits.

The Ear

Inside the ear there is a pressure point that is called the appetite control point which, as the name suggests, is helpful for keeping your appetite under control. The easiest way to locate this point is to place one finger on the section next to your ear where the upper and lower jaws connect. A

mirror is helpful to see this spot, or you can also open and close your mouth to move your jaws, allowing you to find the spot by touch. Keep your thumb on this spot and then move your index finger to the protrusion of your ear lobe right next to this point. With your thumb and index finger in this position apply about three minutes of steady pressure to decrease food cravings. The appetite control point is a good place to start your acupressure session, and for the best results, you should also end with it.

Since the appetite control point decreases food cravings and can help prevent overeating it is one of the most useful pressure points for weight loss. In fact, there are even acupressure earrings available that make it even easier to apply pressure to this point.

The Face

To curb those hunger cravings apply pressure to the philtrum, which is the groove located between the upper lip and the base of your nose. With your finger apply pressure to this point in a circular motion for ten seconds whenever you feel the urge to indulge in snacks or overeat. Doing so can send a signal to your brain that tells it that you are actually sated.

The Abdomen

The first of the abdomen pressure points that can assist with weight loss is situated about an inch below your belly button. Use two fingers to gently massage this point using up and down motions for at least a minute. Then apply pressure to the point for at least another two minutes before massaging it again. This routine should be performed twice a day for the best results.

The benefit of stimulating this pressure point is that it increases the performance of your digestive system and is also able to reduce constipation.

The Abdomen 2

The second pressure point on the abdomen that is useful for weight loss is called the abdominal sorrow point. To find this pressure point look for the spot on the front of your body just below the last rib of your ribcage. The point should be directly in line with your ear lobe and helps to balance your appetite as well as provide relief from indigestion.

Start by gently massaging this pressure point before curving your fingers and applying pressure. This process must be performed for at least five minutes every day.

The Knee

For decreased hunger and improved digestion look for the knee pressure point. This pressure point is found two inches (about four finger widths) below the kneecap on the outside of the leg. Place your fingers on this spot and flex your foot up and down to determine whether you have the right spot. If your placement is correct you will feel the movement of the muscle every time you flex your foot. Use your forefinger to apply pressure to this spot for between one and two minutes daily.

The Ankle

Next up is the ankle point, which is also beneficial for digestion as it is related to the spleen. This point is located on the inside of the leg about two inches above the ankle and just off the bone. Gradually apply pressure to the point using your thumb or knuckle until you are pressing down firmly on the point. Continue to maintain pressure for at least a minute and then grPin Itadually release again.

The Elbow

Last up is the elbow point, which helps with the function of the large intestine. Applying pressure to the ankle point can assist with the removal of excess body heat as well as unwanted moisture. To locate this point check the area right towards the end of your elbow crease on the inner side. It is about a thumb-width away from the elbow joint. While holding your hand close to your chest, apply pressure to this point for a minute, and then repeat the process with the other arm.

Locating the correct points for acupressure can be tricky, but becomes easier with practice. It is important to stick with your routine if you want to experience effective results, and combine it with a healthy lifestyle.

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