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Little Things Successful People Do Everyday

When you think of successful people, names like “Oprah Winfrey” and “Bill Gates” probably spring to mind. But do you know how they got to where they are?

With all the buzz and media attention surrounding famously successful people, it can be difficult to figure out what exactly makes someone a success. It’s actually not huge, grand gestures that separate the super successful from the rest of us, but the little things these people do differently everyday that adds up big over time. Check out the following five tips to kick start your life today!

Focus On What, Exactly, You’re Doing

It’s easy to get swallowed in a wave of busyness, but you might actually just be distracting yourself from the things that matter. Successful people worry about being productive, not just busy. Slow down and take your time on the important tasks. Don’t get caught up on minutia, as that can keep you from doing what really matters.

Set The Alarm Back

Time is a precious commodity, and many successful people maximize theirs. Business Insider reported that several industry leaders start their day early: Xerox CEO Ursula Burns is out of bed around 5:15 am, while PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi is up by 4:00 am.

Get up early to maximize your productive daytime hours by getting started on the right foot. Eat a proper breakfast instead of grabbing something on the go. Move your gym routine to the morning as well, since exercise gives your brain a boost by sharpening focus, clarity, and memory, according to Forbes. You’ll also feel better and have more stamina when you get into better shape.

Changing your morning routine will be difficult at first. Try a few different tactics, like setting multiple alarms to go off around the same time, if you’re having trouble getting out of bed at the new time you’ve chosen.

Be With The Best

Truly successful people recognize a team is only as good as its members. By viewing yourself as a part of a team and not the star member or only valuable player, you’ll work more efficiently with the people around you, and this leads to success to for everyone.

Always keep an eye out for the best people to work with, if possible, and remind yourself that the successes and failures you encounter are a product of all team members, not just a select few.

Aim For Balance

Contrary to popular belief, successful people try to balance work lives, home lives, and personal goals. If you focus all your time and energy on only one of those three areas, you’re potentially setting yourself up for both failure and unhappiness.Pin It

Work on achieving a balance between work, home and your goals. Do this by evaluating your current habits and how you spend your time while adjusting as needed. If you often bail out on family time because of work, for instance, you’ll need to cut back on work hours and be mindful of the fact that this is a weak area for you.

Keep Your Eye On The Prize

People who achieve great success often speak of tracking their progress toward goals. By setting goals clearly and monitoring progress, it’s easier to stay on track, avoid distractions and get to the finish line.

Write down your goals and keep a record of your progress on each one. Goals can be business, personal, or both. Review your goals and what you’ve done so far on a regular basis to keep yourself on the path to success.

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By Nancy Burnett
Nancy, a Master Coach and Certified Professional Co-Active Life Coach (CPCC) has a passion for helping her clients to live vibrant, authentic and fulfilling lives; lives that are under their total control and which have been shaped in exactly the way they want. She believes that you can live a life that you love and that it is possible to manifest your dreams into reality.

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