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Life Is An Adventure – Are You Living It Fully?

How we create and experience life is based on how we look at it, what we believe, and the attitudes we adopt most of the time. These are what shapes our own experience. All of these determine what we draw to us and who we tend to naturally attract in our lives.

Is Hard Work Necessary?

The trick is to employ conscious creation — to create a life of your own choosing. This means being more consciously aware more often and in and creating with purpose and intention instead of by default, unconsciously.

Life is a learning experience. We’re here in this form as human beings on earth to experience, to learn, to grow, to develop and to become all we can become. It’s important that we also make a contribution to help others and the world at large.

But our culture teaches us to work hard, to go to school and to study — in order to get a good job working for the man. We buy into the “plan” of socking away a little money so we can retire in comfort. Our culture teaches us that hard work is the way to achievement. But there’s also a way to allow for it to happen, to open yourself up and magnetize all good things. You can make things happen in your life by going after it. You can go out there and work hard and do what you need to do to produce results that are favorable to you. Nothing wrong with that and most would argue that working hard is a necessary component of living a free and successful life.

Well, that’s all fine and dandy. You can certainly accomplish some things through hard work alone. But for a life of riches, it takes more than hard work. Hard work requires a lot of pushing, a lot of effort and sometimes a lot of stress too. *.But there’s another side where you can use magnetic energy to naturally attract things to you.

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Using Magnetic Energy To Attract Things

You simply open up to the universe and let go of what’s dragging you down and in turn, you create the mental framework where you can magnetize whatever it is that you focus on. It’s much less work than the effort and toil we’ve been taught as the only way to get results. The truth is you can use both methods and each one of us is naturally better at one or the other. We are either predominantly hard workers, or we are natural magnets of attraction.

But what we really need for a full life experience is both. We need both hard work and to let go and allow the universe do its part. The problem is that our culture only supports us in one way. We’ve been conditioned to think that hard work is the answer to getting everything. Spiritual teaching on the other hand is more about learning to relax in the present moment, to be yourself to be here now, and to experience this very moment is magical. It teaches us to let go of the baggage and the mental clutter, in which case we create a vacuum and nature abhors a vacuum. This is how we magnetize the things that we desire to us by freeing up our minds and focusing on that which we want.

Our traditional conditioning is all about taking action, doing tasks and making things happen and that’s an important part of life, but it’s not everything. Most people, generally speaking, are hard workers. They work diligently but not necessarily in a smartest way. But you can also use your mind — your unlimited asset — to draw things to you.

Relax and let go. Sit quietly. Meditate, or take a walk through nature. Connect to the natural world. Go off by yourself for a while in a beautiful place, like next to a river, stream or giant tree. What you’ll find is that being in nature is replenishing and renewing. It helps you let go of the things that are holding you back and to just be one in the moment with nature.

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Creative visualization is imagination in action. It’s manifesting things using nothing but your imagination. You can use visualization for practical things in life like finding a new home or buying a car. An object that may seem out of reach in the practical world. But when you think about the qualities of this thing and you imagine it as yours now Pin Itin the moment, and get a sense of how real it feels — you are on your way to magnetizing these results to you. You’ll have to do it numerous times with certainty that it will materialize to make it happen.

Imagine it as if it were already true. Some people see mental pictures and others don’t. But everyone can experience the feeling of having that which they desire. We all use our imagination and we’re all capable of using this spiritual side of us to get what we want in life. As long as you can think about it, feel it, and imagine it in some way – you can have it. Feel the real. Visualization is a great way to enhance your hard work.

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By Sandy Gilad
Sandy Gilard has a Master of Education degree from Harvard university where she studied Risk and Prevention Early Childhood. She has 20 years experience in private practice working families in education and behavior skills. Her focus has been on maximizing emotional fluency, connection, resiliency, academic excellence and advanced problem solving. A Head Teacher at the UCLA Neuro-Psychiatric Institute, Sandra taught seminars for staff and classes for UCLA students on effective behavior modification. She feels privileged to work with young people and feels that a child's life is a magical journey. Sandy is married to fellow teacher and writer, Adam Gilad, and they have a wonderful home high in the hills in Los Angeles, with their three dogs.

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