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Video: Learn Why You’ll Do More Good By Cutting Out Meat On Weekdays Only

If you eat meat but love animals, you might feel somewhat conflicted when you’re staring down at a juicy steak in your favorite restaurant. Although you love the taste, perhaps you also believe that it’s cruel to kill and eat animals for pleasure.

And if you don’t worry about the ethics of eating animals, perhaps you do feel concerned about the impact that our carnivorous culture is having on the environment. Unfortunately, many find it just too difficult to stick to vegetarianism, and therefore continue eating meat while tolerating the underlying discomfort.Pin It

Graham Hill is here to tell you that there’s another way to balance your enjoyment of meat with your moral principles. Specifically, he wants you to realize that you’re not faced with a binary choice of eating meat or going vegetarian—instead, you have the option to be meat- free most of the time, eating meat on weekends.

He believes that since it’s more realistic to expect people to confirm to a plan of meatless weekday meals, more good will be done overall then would be done if people all simply tried (and failed) to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle.

Along with explaining his proposal in more detail, Hill explains how you might make this transition for yourself and offers persuasive reasons to start today. Whether you’re a meat- eater who feels uncomfortable about your diet or a vegetarian who is hoping to sway others into adopting an approach more like your own, Hill’s powerfully pragmatic take on the issue will challenge and inspire you.

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