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Learn How To Stay Motivated When You’re Self-Employed

Many individuals dream of being their own boss and thanks to more and more contracting and “shared economy” jobs popping up on the market, it’s now easier than ever.

However, those who are used to being ordered around and given tasks might not be ready to push themselves to achieve. If you’re a budding independent contractor or a field veteran who needs a little inspiration,  take a look at these ways to motivate yourself to success.

Read Frequently

You’re not alone in the world of self-employment and there are countless resources available to you. Surround yourself with stories of success and make an effort to read about your area of expertise.

Not only will you become more skilled and knowledgeable, reading about what you can achieve will help motivate you to stick with the program. Don’t forget about the Internet! Do a few quick searches for some financial or business news sources and stay educated.

Jot Down Your Goals

While it seems trivial, writing down your goals helps you visualize your reward. Keep your goals in a place you can see, like taped to your desk or monitor. This is the same concept as hanging up posters of successful bodybuilders at a gym. If your goal is a new home or moving out of state, consider posting a photo of your ideal home on your wall or cork board.

Ensure You Keep Them Realistic

Don’t create a goal that will cause you too much pressure, as you could accidentally cause depression and self-doubt in your life. Instead, consider creating smaller goals that might help build up to your larger goals. Also, be specific with your goals instead of being too generalized.

Take Steps Even If They Are Small

Every single day, complete at least one task that will help you reach your big goal, even if it’s a minor one. This keeps your momentum going and forms the habit of making progress. Furthermore, you can create a second list of “extra” tasks that aren’t necessarily top priority, but ones that will help boost your progress to your goal.

Drop The 9-to-5 Attitude

Just because you’re used to traditional work cycles doesn’t mean that it’s right for you and now that you’re self-employed, you can experiment a bit.

Studies have shown that your focus starts to wane after about 90 minutes of work and some people don’t even last that long. On particularly bad days, you can try to work in just 20-minute intervals while taking 20 minute breaks in between to keep your attention sharp and fresh. Whatever you do, try to take a 20-minute break at least once every 90 minutes.

Don’t Overload Yourself

If you have a task-based job, don’t overload yourself with work. Even if you are confident that you’re able to handle a large batch, always slowly work your way up to an acceptable amount of jobs. Don’t bite off more than you can chew or you might end up doubting yourself.

Take Criticism In Your Stride

Your clients will sometimes give you painfully honest feedback after doing business and that’s nothing of which to be ashamed. How can you expect to learn if you never make a mistake? If you are criticized by a client, consider it a blessing that you are able to use the experience to better your performance in the long run.

Pin ItBuild Your Confidence

This is extremely important for self-employment, as feeling insecure about your work can really hamper your productivity. Make sure you mark your successes adequately and log your progress so you have something nice to look back on as you’re working. Consider making a journal or a calendar for milestones.

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