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Learn How To Make Your Body Your New Best Friend

Often, when it comes to the ways in which people view their individual bodies, criticisms take precedence over praise. Whether influenced by external pressures from society to “look a certain way” or internal self-doubt caused by comparing one’s body to that of peers or family members, people are typically their own harshest critics in regard to facial features, weight, height and shape.

If you tend to take a negative view of your physical being based on these or other factors, it’s time to go easy on yourself and begin to embrace the many ways in which your body is special and worthy of your love and respect.

Make your body your new best friend with help from these 25 tips on creating a more positive view of your human self.

1. Celebrate Your Body’s Amazing Capacity For Movement

Your muscles, bones, organs and nervous system all work together to give you freedom of movement. Honor this by dancing joyfully, stretching your limbs and performing some carefree leaps, jumps and sprints.

2. Pick A Favorite Feature To Enhance

Do you have strikingly colored eyes, thick, glossy hair, toned legs or full lips? Learn to appreciate your body by accentuating your favorite feature through colorful cosmetic application or flattering wardrobe choices.

3. Encourage Others Toward Self-Love Of Their Bodies

Boosting the confidence of a friend or family member with body confidence issues can do wonders for raising your own self-image. Compliment features in others that can easily be applied to yourself as well.

4. Seek Out Resources For Body Positivity

The Internet is a wonderful resource for blogs, podcasts and video channels dedicated to loving your body at all times. Get inspired by the words of others who have gone on a similar self-love journey.

5. Fuel Your Body With Nourishing Foods

Foods that are chock-full of vitamins, minerals and beneficial nutrients help your body to function at peak capacity and look vibrantly healthy. Nourish yourself with leafy greens, fresh fruits, whole grains and organic products.

6. Exercise To Keep Yourself As Healthy As Possible

In addition to a healthy diet, exercise is vital to keeping your body in optimal condition so that you can fully appreciate it. Go jogging, play a sport, do aerobics or try yoga.

7. Pamper Yourself With Empowering Self-Care Rituals

Take care of your skin, nails, hair and other bodily elements to the best of your ability, and you will see your confidence improve. Pick up some effective self-care products in your price range.

8. Acknowledge The Extraordinary Function Of Your Bodily Systems

Spend a few moments appreciating the myriad ways in which your body works day in and day out – your heart beats, your lungs provide you with air, your brain gifts you with higher thought and so on.

9. Compile A List Of Inspiring Body Affirmations

Write out some sentences or phrases that encourage you to view your body in a positive light. You can focus on individual parts of your body, your physical being as a whole or a combination of both.

10. Accept Physical Affection From Others, And Offer It In Return

Whether you share a playful hug with a friend, an intimate kiss with a partner or an affectionate hand grasp with a child, positive physical interactions can greatly impact your ability to approve of and accept your bodily self.

11. Get Creative With Body Paint

For a fun way to celebrate your body, break out the colorful body paint and decorate yourself with uplifting words, phrases and drawings. Take pictures before washing off the paint, and look at them when you need encouragement.

12. Embrace Clothes That Flatter Your Figure

Wearing clothes that are too loose, too tight or otherwise ill-fitting drains your body confidence. Choose pieces that are sized perfectly to your proportions and have a fashionable, comfortable and coordinated look.

13. Arrange For A Professional Photo Session

Enlist the services of a skilled photographer, and have professional pictures of yourself taken in your favorite fashions, poses and settings. Visual reminders of your body at its finest are priceless.

14. Distance Yourself From Overly Critical People

Maintaining body positivity is difficult when people in your life tend to judge and criticize. Limit your social circle to loving, accepting and kind people who make you feel confident.

15. Challenge Yourself With A New Physical Activity

Have you always wanted to go rock-climbing or run a distance race? Show yourself just what your body can do by taking on a challenging activity with optimism and perseverance.

16. Spend Time With Babies And Pets

As unusual as this advice may sound, spending time with babies and pets, both of whom hold no judgment when it comes to physical appearance, can help you to love yourself.

17. Experience Your Place In the World Through Meditation And Mindfulness

The regular practice of meditation helps you to form a closer connection with your body and its relationship to the world at large. Be mindful of your body’s presence in each moment.

18. Replace Destructive Patterns With Beneficial Actions

Behaviors that send you into a negative spiral of self-doubt and bodily insecurity are unproductive. For example, instead of fixating on the number on the scale, appreciate your body’s overall health.

19. Talk To Yourself

Keep up a running commentary of your body’s accomplishments whenever you have time alone during the day. Your own voice can serve as a more positive influence than you might think!

20. Be Accepting Of Your Inherited Body Structure

As much as you may wish to be tall and narrow-framed, if you are inherently short and curvy, this is an impossibility. Embrace the body structure that is in your control.

21. Don’t Feel Guilty About Making Small, Attainable Improvements

When it comes to bodily “tweaks” that you can implement, such as shedding a few pounds or coloring your hair, feel free to indulge if you know that your confidence will improve.

22. Realize That Total Perfection Is Impossible

No matter how much you strive to achieve a perfect body, flaws are present on all people and should be accepted, not despised. Tell your “inner perfectionist” to be realistic.

23. Remember That Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy

Do not get into the habit of comparing your body to those of other people with whom you cross paths in life. Remember that no body type is right or wrong.Pin It

24. Acknowledge That Your Body Is Only Part Of Who You Are

While your physical body is an obvious component of your being, it is not the only element that defines you. Think of your body as being in tune with your spirit and mind.

25. Be Grateful For The Privilege Of Earthly Life

Finally, give thanks for being alive within the body that you possess. Your life is a privilege, and your body is the only one that you will ever have. Love it dearly.

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By Nancy Burnett
Nancy, a Master Coach and Certified Professional Co-Active Life Coach (CPCC) has a passion for helping her clients to live vibrant, authentic and fulfilling lives; lives that are under their total control and which have been shaped in exactly the way they want. She believes that you can live a life that you love and that it is possible to manifest your dreams into reality.

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