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Video: Learn How To Make Healthy Eating Amazingly Simple

The thought of adopting a healthy eating habit strikes fear into the hearts of many, leading them to picture a life spent subsisting on carrots and agonizing over restaurant menu choices.

However, we all know that healthy eating is necessary for successful, sustainable weight loss, so dieters typically do accept that they need to change their approach to food—no matter how complex or annoying that endeavor may sound.

Happily, this TEDx talk will help you simplify your view of what counts as healthy eating, supporting not only weight loss but also improvements in overall well-being. Smart undergraduate Luke Durward explains how he used his time spent recovering from a broken leg to assist his unhealthy younger brother in transforming his life.

As Durward points out, healthy eating isn’t just a struggle for adults—it’s an increasingly important issue for children, as statistics show rising obesity and decreasing fitness in the younger generation.

The key point that Durward wants to share with you is that one simple but amazingly effective trick is often overlooked by dieters aiming to become healthy eaters. If you take Durward’s advice, you too might undergo the dramatic transformation experienced by Durward’s brother.

Pin ItAs a bonus, Durward’s talk encourages you to think about the impact that our environments constantly have on our choices. After watching, ask yourself what else you might be able to change if you were only willing to tweak the nature of your surroundings to support more virtuous, healthy behavior.

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