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Video: Lazy People Are Actually Physically And Psychologically Different

Everyone has experienced a day of lounging on the sofa, watching TV for far too long or just never finding the motivation to get out of pajamas. However, what about the people for whom laziness seems to be a way of life? Why are they so lazy? Whether you think of yourself as a bit lazy or are wondering about the sluggish and unmotivated people in your life, this video will shed some light.

The goal of this AsapSCIENCE presentation is to get you to see why this disparity in behavior exists. There is an evolutionary story for why we’re often not lazy, but the more interesting point is what happens when we struggle to engage in physical activity.

Studies conducted on mice in a lab setting have revealed how activity levels change over generations, and how some creatures have genes that make them predisposed to get hooked on exercise and other forms of activity.

For others, there is a gene that is not quite functioning as well as it should, leading to a lack of interest in exercise and reduced reward experiences after physical activity. However, the video Pin Itstresses that it isn’t just genes that matter—your environment also plays a crucial role in shaping your attitudes and feelings.

As such, there’s still hope to move past a life of laziness—you may just need to work a little harder than those with the gene that responds to exercise like it is cocaine!

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