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How To Jumpstart Your Journey To Vitality And Lead A Vibrant Life

Are you like so many others out there seeking answers to questions like, “Why do I still feel like crap?”, “Do I really have to take this medication for the rest of my life?”, “There is a better way, right?”

Now is the time to take a serious look at your options. You may have already been digging and finding yourself extremely overwhelmed with the choices available. Low fat, low carb, paleo, vegan, plant based, ketogenic, on and on and on.

Please know health is much more than diet, calories in and out, and gym time! I would love to share with you a little bit about what I have learned on my incredible journey and while helping others transform as well.

The number one thing I can tell you is to remember this is a journey. This is not a dramatic lifestyle change that happens completely overnight. Your success will depend on your understanding this and surrounding yourself with love and compassion through the process.

If you mess up, so what! Get up, dust yourself off, and get right back to it. You will learn more about yourself through this process, than almost anything else in life.

Vitality happens when your mind, body, and spirit are cleansed, balanced, and built up. This article is going to address a handful of “must do” additions to your life to get you one step closer to vitality.

1. I’m not even going to say cut out processed foods because that is so obvious! Let’s take it a step further. You must get more nutrient dense foods into your diet! More nutrients per calorie. Not macronutrients, but micronutrients and phytochemicals, antioxidants, and flavonoids etc.

These powerhouse nutrients will help cleanse, balance, and build your body. You give the body what it needs, and it will heal itself. Period.

2. Pay attention to the pH balance of your body. The more alkaline you are, the healthier you will be. There are two sides to chemistry; Acid and base. Acid breaks down the tissue and creates a hardened environment (plaque). To raise your pH, you must eat alkaline foods, i.e. Greens, fruits, vegetables, and pure alkaline water.

Can you guess what is creating acidity in your body? Yes! Alcohol, processed sugars, meat, processed grains, coffee, energy drinks, environmental toxins, and stress.

3. Explore detoxification. In order to detoxify, your body must have some life force or the ability to detoxify. If you are weak, start slow. It’s smart to build the body through lifestyle changes before you put yourself on a fast or cleansing program.

Cleansing out the junk is critical though to vitality. We live in a chemical cocktail! You have years of junk stored in the body. As you start cleansing the physical body, you will naturally start to cleanse the mind, and spirit. It’s all connected. Our entire life we have been taught to compartmentalize ourselves and the very essence that makes us “Us”.

One step you can do is adding in a fresh live juice (not your store bought junk) or green smoothie every morning. By adding more goodness in, you will crowd out the bad. Some people do better on juice, some people do better with smoothies. If you bowels are not moving, definitely consider a morning smoothie!

4. Speaking of bowels… get that body moving! Get your bowels and lymphatic system moving. The lymphatic system has to move the acids out of the body. This happens via the bowels, through the skin, and the kidneys.

Exercising is beneficial in many ways; supporting proper bowel movements, elimination of toxins through sweating, and not to mention feeling strong and confident in your body.

5. Cleanse out all negativity in your life. Say bye bye to toxic situations, toxic people, and anything that is not serving your highest and best life! Seriously, this is legit! When you are stressed out from these toxic things, what do you want to do first? You think negatively about yourself, your emotions are down, and you turn towards your vice that is suppressing your vitality.

Pin ItYour emotions are what shapes your decisions. Your decisions shape your habits, and your habits become your destiny. Wow, can you see again how everything is connected? It’s pretty simple, but we are programmed to complicate our existence.

These are just a few fail proof tips to jumpstart your journey to vitality and a vibrant life. Sit with this information, learn it, feel it, and implement it. When you learn better, you will do better.

Blessings to you!

Photo Credit: Flickr

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By Andrea Franklin
As an Integrative Health Coach, it is my vision is to be part of the amazing life and health healing movement that casts inspiration and gives light to as many people as possible. I work to help others feel alive again, restoring their health to abundance - and I hope to do that with you! I am one passionate woman when it comes to health and I want you to understand the innate ability you have to heal your body. We all have this gift. The body is a miraculous healing machine. If you give the body what it needs it will do its job -- a concept incredibly simple and exciting! It's about taking control of your life and using a strategy.

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