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An Interesting Way To Banish Stress Using Coloring Books For Adults

Remember when you were a kid and it seemed like you were carefree? Then, as adulthood became a reality, suddenly you had to worry about paying bills, cleaning the house and earning a living.

Fortunately, it may not be as hard as you think to regain that hassle-free way of life, especially if you decide to take part in an activity that was a favorite for many kids: making your artistic mark in coloring books.

Yes, you read that right. Several people have designed coloring books that are geared toward adults. They could be just the thing to make you feel like a kid at heart, or at least forget all your stresses for an hour or two.

The Brainchild Of A British Illustrator

adult coloring bookThese coloring books for adults were dreamed up by a British illustrator named Johanna Basford. The books have themes, such as garden scenes that are outlined with ink.

Each picture is very detailed and gives adults free rein to color in leaves, animals, blades of grass and more in whichever ways they see fit.

Multiple Options To Consider

The illustrator has already released two titles. They’ve been so successful that each one has been marketed to people who speak English, as well as other languages. As it turns out, coloring is an activity that doesn’t just transcend age groups, but it speaks a universal language, too.

Both titles are great gift ideas, especially if you’re on the hunt for something unusual and need a present for someone who’s either naturally creative, or needs some help rekindling that creative spark.

Additionally, an illustrator named Mel Simone Elliot has her own series of coloring books for adults that feature celebrities like Lady Gaga and Kate Moss. Talk about a good way to get your celebrity fix without getting engrossed in a tabloid!

Coloring Is Good For The Brain

adult coloring bookPsychologists say that coloring is a therapeutic activity for people of all ages. Specifically, it activates two areas of the brain. The cerebral cortex is involved with vision and fine motor skills, and coloring relieves stress by lowering brain activity in the amygdala, a part that’s involved in emotions and tends to be more prevalent during stressful times.

Unleash Your Creative Spirit
The methodical, organized actions of coloring inside the lines can also help you push stressful things from your mind while you focus on other matters such as what color to make a flower petal or the branches of a tree.

As the crayons glide smoothly over the black and white page and add vibrant color to it, you can choose hues that are usually reflected in nature, or do something totally out of the ordinary and let your artwork take a psychedelic turn.

Pin ItWhatever you decide, the act of spending time with a coloring book for adults should be less intimidating than staring at a blank piece of paper and willing yourself to draw something on it. That’s especially true if you’re not particularly artistically inclined. Because the basic outline of coloring book images is already there for you, all that’s left to decide is what colors to use where. That’s a useful way to tap into your creativity, even if you haven’t done so for decades.

You’ve almost certainly heard of more common stress relief techniques, but there’s no reason not to give coloring books a try, too. After all, we could all use the dose of joy spending time with your inner child facilitates, and if you’re trying to relax, there may be no better way to achieve the goal.

Photo Credit: Johanna Basford

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