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The Illusion Of A Sensitive Soul

So many of us have been told throughout our lives that we are weak because of our sensitive nature. We have been told not to cry, to “toughen up” and have been seen by the external world as fragile, incapable or soft.

But the truth of it is that the strongest of souls, the toughest people I have ever met, are those earth angels that have felt it all.

When you are blessed with a sensitive heart, you are blessed with the ability to truly feel what another can feel.

To connect with others on a heart level, much deeper than the superficiality our collective conditioning tells us is acceptable to engage at.

However, the more painful side of this is the sensitivity to everything, not just your own experiences and emotions, but the energy of your environment, to sensory inputs and to others emotions.

You feel what is said and not said. Sometimes even when the person isn’t aware of it yet them self.

Everything hits your sensitive heart. And you know, that that is difficult for some people to grasp, which at some point you come to realize is actually ok.

The truth is, when you feel it all, the highest of highs and the depths of lows, your own and others, you are far from weak.

You are a warrior. You are strong and courageous.

To feel what you feel and be who you truly are, in a world where sensitivity is not commonly valued or nurtured and is seen in a negative light.

You are capable of everything your heart desires. Time and time again you need to let go of external belief structures around you and tune into your beautiful, sensitive heart.

It is here where your truth lies, and it is here where you will find the guidance you are seeking to support you through this path of life.

It is here that you can connect with what it is you were sent here to do, in this incarnation, in this lifetime. And this is where the work lies.

To go within. To face what can be painful to face. To know that you will survive. You can endure.

And you were sent to bring your truth into a world conditioned to make you believe you are not enough.

You are more than enough! The entire universe lies within each and every one of our very own hearts.

Don’t let the limitations of our modern world, confine who you were meant to be.

We each have the greatness of the universe within us and our potential is infinite…

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Katherine Hurst
By Dr Talia Steed
Dr. Talia Steed is a GP registrar and yoga teacher trainee. Her professional and personal experiences have shaped her holistic and integrative approach to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues, that consider the path to healing from a body, mind and spirit perspective. Talia advocates modalities such as yoga, meditation, body work, flower essences and essential oils for assisting us to develop a life filled with peace, contentment, and joy. Ultimately she believes that through the spiritual path of looking within and learning how to reconnect with our intuition and true inner-self, we can discover the unique purposes for our soul's journey in this lifetime.

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