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Video: Where Has The Human Connection Gone?

Woman holding her hands to her chest with an expression of love and gratitude

Where Has The Human Connection GoneWatch how two complete strangers make an amazing connection just by looking each other in the eyes for 60 seconds. #mindfulness

Posted by Personal Growth on Thursday, 15 October 2015


As someone who has dedicated her life to contributing as much as possible to Global Happiness, I try and leave everyone I meet in a more positive state than I found them in. So, on a daily basis I try to interact with as many people as possible, mostly strangers. And the question arises, what really is connection? And how do we actually touch someone’s hearts in a meaningful way?

My mind immediately gravitates to: love and acknowledgment. Looking at someone and truly seeing them. In honor of today’s World Eye Contact Experiment Day. I tried it for myself. I put up a sign in the most crowded square in the city centre of Malaga which read: “Where has the Human Connection gone? Share one minute of eye contact, to find out.”

I was nervous, of course. Sitting on a blanket, in the middle of the street, I felt completely exposed and vulnerable to the world. Everyone was looking at me. I breathed in calming slow breaths and was as present as possible. In that moment, all I could do was: believe. Believe in my fellow humans, to feel what I felt inside: that we all have the urge to be seen for who we are.

I didn’t even have to wait for two minutes, when the first man sat down. We sat there, for not one minute, but closer to ten. In complete silence, we looked into each others hearts and breathed in unison. I was more present than ever before. I wasn’t checking my phone for new messages, I wasn’t worrying what I should have for lunch. I was being seen by another human being and they were seeing me.

What else could be more important?

It was an experience that I highly encourage. If you were not willing to sit on the street with a sign, I completely understand. It took me a lot of willpower to face that fear of rejection. However, how about trying it with an acquaintance.Pin-It-Human-Connection

Because, here is the conclusion that this lead me to: prolonged eye contact, leads inevitably to physical contact.

There was not a single person whom I shared this experience with who I did not warmly hug after.

Can you imagine a connection that deep after meeting a complete stranger for one minute?

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By Virginia Salas-Kastilio
Gini was born in Berlin and moved to Miami at the young age of 3. Amazingly, she grew up in the Dominican Republic, Spain, Germany, Austria, Ireland and Australia. Gini has gone to 15 different schools, lived in over 35 different houses and welcomed over 600 people into her homes which is awesome. She is a true lover of meeting new people. As a writer and filmmaker, Gini has decided to dedicate her life to the research of happiness and making other people happy. She states that "If the purpose of everything we do in life is happiness, why not just start there to begin with?"

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