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Video: How Your Brain And Senses Make You Feel Sick When You Travel

Do you feel queasy in the car, dizzy on a plane or close to vomiting when you ride a bus? If so, you’re not alone—an estimated third of the population suffers from motion sickness. However, in spite of the widespread nature of this condition, there is fierce debate about the precise cause.

In this video, Rose Eveleth explains what some scientists think may be behind the discomfort and nausea associated with motion sickness.

As you’ll discover, your brain and senses are likely playing a key role. In particular, mismatched sensory signals are commonly identified as the underlying cause of motion sickness, and the video explores how remarkable facts about your ears, eyes and brain might all lead to that distinctive queasiness associated with travelling.

However, Eveleth also looks at contrasting theories that emphasis the role of posture, and tells viewers why the origin of motion sickness is very much a live mystery.

Pin ItThe good news is that no matter what exactly causes motion sickness, there are still smart things you can do to try and prevent it, as well as to relieve the major symptoms.

This video lesson concludes with some helpful everyday tips and explains why so much research time and money is being poured into the fight against motion sickness.

So, if you struggle to enjoy a road trip without turning green and asking for a paper bag, there’s still hope—scientists are constantly working on ways to help you feel better!

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