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How You Can Attract Love By Using Hypnotherapy Techniques

No, using hypnotherapy to attract love doesn’t involve swinging a gold watch in front of potential dates. When you use hypnotherapy for relationships, you don’t hypnotize anyone else; you unleash the power of self-hypnosis to change your own heart, making yourself the kind of love-filled, positive person that naturally attracts romantic attention.

It may seem like “thinking positive” is only vaguely related to attracting love, but science says otherwise; studies have shown that others’ perception of your charisma is linked to how positive your emotions appear to be and that the moods and emotions of upbeat, positive people are contagious. If you use self-hypnosis to put yourself into a positive and loving mood, others will be more likely to mirror that mood and fall head over heels in love with you.

Carve Out Time In A Comfortable Space

In order for self-hypnosis to work, you need at least five or ten minutes without distractions. (The longer you can go, the better, but it’s difficult to get into a trance in less than five minutes). Sit in a comfortable chair, or lie down if you can do so without falling asleep, in a place that makes you feel calm and relaxed. You may find that playing soothing music helps you to achieve a trance state. Experiment a bit with your background noise to find out what works best for you.

Focus On Joyful Love

Just before starting your self-hypnosis session, focus on something that gives you a joyful and loving feeling. Listen to an upbeat love song or read a poem about how wonderful love is. Look at a picture of a couple you love and respect – your parents, your best friends on their wedding day, or your favorite characters from that romantic TV show, and think about how beautiful their love is. (Of course, this won’t work if you’re going to feel jealous instead of happy. Pick something that lifts your spirits.) Again, this may be an area where you need to experiment to find what gets you in the most positive mood.


Close your eyes and relax your whole body, starting from the top of your head and working your way down to your toes. Consciously let your muscles go limp and let your tension drain away. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth slowly, imagining the tension leaving your body with every breath. Count three breaths if you only have a few minutes, and try 10 to get into an even deeper state of relaxation if you have the time.

Visualize Something You Love

As you breathe, visualize something that you really and truly love – a person, a pet, or even something that you love to do. (Try to focus on non-romantic love here – picture your best friend or a family member, not your crush. Self-hypnosis can make you more loving and lovable, but it can’t necessarily attract a specific person, and thinking about your crush can set you up for disappointment.) Let the joy of loving that person, pet or thing fill you.

Visualize yourself drawing closer to the thing you love, and savor every detail of it – the feel of your dog’s fur under your hand, the smell of your baby nephew’s hair, the jokes your friend tells that always make you laugh, the weight of a golf club or gardening spade in your hand. Let the feeling of love fill you until you feel as though you’re going to burst.

Use Positive Self-Talk

As you feel yourself glowing with love, repeat positive phrases to yourself. Some phrases to try might include, “I am a unique and wonderful person. . . . I am worthy of love. . . . The world is beautiful. . . . I welcome love into my life. . . . There are people everywhere who can love and be loved by me.” You may feel silly at first, but keep it up. The wonderful thing about a hypnogogic state is that the more you believe that these phrases are true, the truer they will become for you.

Pin ItEnd The Trance

Count to three or 10 and imagine yourself slowly disengaging from the person or thing you love and returning to your comfortable place. You will find that you feel more loving and positive after having done this exercise, and people will respond to you in kind.

Practice Every Day

Unfortunately, self-hypnosis isn’t a magic bullet and you probably won’t find The One after a single day of doing it. Keep practicing and don’t lose hope. As your attitude becomes more joyful and loving, others will look at you with joy and love. When that happens, romance is sure to follow.

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By Nicole Lipman
Nicole is a Nationally Certified Consulting Therapist, with a Bachelor of Science degree, a background in life management and motivational coaching. She specializes in hypnosis for stress reduction, habit cessation and pain management. One of her favorite quotes is “the mind is powerful, and we have more control than we think”. She strongly believes that the mind holds the key to most of life’s problems, and that hypnosis helps to unlock and find answers to these problems.

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