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How To Overcome Sleep Problems

Do you lie awake some nights or every night? Are you fed up with poor sleep and tired all the time?

Do you have mood swings, itching and feel constantly out of sorts, uncalm and irritated with your work colleagues, partner, children or pets?

Is there no peace in your life?

There are things that can help.

Many people today are challenged by problems with sleep:

  • Getting to sleep.
  • Waking up and not getting back to sleep again.
  • Restless sleep resulting in waking up tired.

All of this can be tiring, draining and upsetting.

Tiredness can mean oversleeping, loss of quality time at work, poor work effort, depression, lack of concentration, poor energy and ill health as the body will not function as well as it should.

There are various reasons for not being able to sleep. There are two main reasons that are very common.

1. Physical

This can include injuries, deformities, pain from illnesses eg. Flu, rheumatoid arthritis, M.S., M.E. etc.

Physical pain can be helped by massage, exercise, linking in energetically with that part of the body, visualizing the proper energy flow.

Physical discomfort can be helped with heat pads, hot water bottles, rubbing the area, essential oils, herbs, gentle exercise of the right kind.

Get advice if you need to from a health expert.

2. Mind

This includes problems with work, relationships, challenges from the past and childhood, worries about the future, employment, housing, health, family.

If you have an overactive mind, concentrate on something you enjoy like reading, meditation, taking a bath.

If you have disturbing thoughts, try tapping as in Emotional Freedom Technique, visualizing a small ball on the forehead getting smaller and flying off into distant ethers, breathing through the body.

If you often find yourself feeling agitated, try meditation and mindfulness techniques, essential oils, warm baths and showers or extra vitamin B and Zinc.

 Focussing on your energy can also help with overcoming sleep problems.

_How-To-Overcome-Sleep-Problems-pin-Beginning with your hands on your heart, breathe gently and feel your body relaxing as you do so.

-Breathing up and down the spine.

-Cut off from whatever is disturbing you.

-Going into a bubble and shutting yourself off.

-Visualizing yourself calm. The power of intention when the ‘monkey mind’ can be controlled, is amazing.

Sleep is important to you for mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Try these tips for a good nights sleep.

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By Rosemary Graham
Rosemary Graham is an experienced visionary and sensitive global life transformational coach. The practical techniques and tools she gives prove that positive attitudes can help change lives. Rosemary is passionate about supporting all types of people in achieving authentic, fulfilling lives where their goals are reached. She’s excited when success happens through internal change and dreams are turned into a reality. Overcoming personal self-development challenges herself, has shaped her style and thinking giving clarity and wisdom and passing this on to others.

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