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How do you feel today? 

Life can throw great boulders at us. Sometimes we go through days when we just feel out of balance, down and full of unexplained heaviness. Maybe we just feel strange or fed up in some way. The more sensitive we are the more there are likely there is to be these sort of challenges for us.

What is going on and how can we get beyond this state?

Something has disturbed our equilibrium. Perhaps something that has happened to upset us. A wrong word from someone, a favorite jug has been broken or an expected outcome, such as success with an interview, hasn’t happened. Our energy becomes deflated and it can be hard to lift ourselves back up again. Nothing we do to help ourselves seems to work. We feel dejected, depressed, over whelmed or sad.

This is when something else needs to happen that will have a very positive impact.

How To Overcome This

  • Sit quietly with how you are feeling and know that there is something that needs help and that it can be changed. Even if you feel really horrid just go with this practice.
  • Find where the feeling is in your body. Where exactly is it? The cells there will communicate with you if you listen so put your hand on that place. Perhaps it’s on the side of your face, a thigh or the top of your head.
  • Have an open mind. Have your eyes closed. Notice what the feeling is. You will probably sense something or get a gut feeling about it. Just trust in this.
  • Ask the question. What do you need? An inner voice is likely to say something. Go with this. Maybe ‘love’ is the answer or ‘to be noticed’ or something similar.

The body is intelligent and will know the answer. Your intuition or inner tuition knows at a deep level. Because we are all energy we can change our frequency by breathing, relaxing and expanding. Relax your shoulders and visualize yourself going bigger and bigger.

Flow into what you sense is a bigger energy. This is the consciousness of everything there is. Don’t berate yourself if it’s hard. Practice is the answer. Suddenly you will feel a change. Feel the actual connection of this energetically if you can, as you go into a different space.

A sensation or pain, whether physical or emotional needs to be released. We may not realise that we are indeed holding these things locked away inside.

Try these releases below.

Tense to relaxed
Heavy to light
Closed to open
Unhappy to happy
Contracted to expanded
Ineffective to effective
Confused to clear
Unproductive to productive

As you listen to your body and release, you will sense the change and this can be instant, dramatic and permanent.Pin It

Put a pencil in your hand and close your fingers over it. Feel it. Hold it tighter and then see if it still feels the same. You may notice it almost merging with your hand as though there is nothing there. The energy of you and it are combining as energy is all there is. This will show you that there IS nothing but energy, emotions are ‘things’ which stick to us like glue because our minds come in and tease us. The ego wants to lead but when we can get it out of the way, and become in that higher place nothing seems so important anymore. Try for yourself and see.

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By Rosemary Graham
Rosemary Graham is an experienced visionary and sensitive global life transformational coach. The practical techniques and tools she gives prove that positive attitudes can help change lives. Rosemary is passionate about supporting all types of people in achieving authentic, fulfilling lives where their goals are reached. She’s excited when success happens through internal change and dreams are turned into a reality. Overcoming personal self-development challenges herself, has shaped her style and thinking giving clarity and wisdom and passing this on to others.

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