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How To Get Creative For Good Health

Creativity and wellbeing go together. When you get in touch with your creative side, it informs your soul. So find what creative things feel right for you and maybe try something new!

The following are all creative even though you may not realize that they are:

  • Gardening – planting, creating new spaces and areas opens up the mind and the energy and gives upliftment.
  • Cooking – making something from ingredients into something new activates the creative juices.
  • Sewing – It’s lovely to get pieces of fabric and design and make a creation, maybe embroider, add beads.
  • Making music – playing an instrument is a wonderful feeling of freedom and exhilarating.
  • Telling stories – gives a feeling of freedom as it gives chance for self-expression.
  • Writing – to be creative with words for others to read, enjoy and be inspired by is great.
  • Colouring – to color in creatively to your liking is wonderful. Try different colourways.
  • Painting – to splash intuitively with paint if not an artist, is such a lovely feeling.
  • Dancing – to music freely gets one in a high energy vibe. Make your own steps and go!
  • Going for a walk – observing the flora and fauna of the area or noticing the changes in the street.

Anything that engages the senses and also uses your body in some way. You can probably add to this list. Do so to prove to yourself what you are already doing if it isn’t listed and anything not included which could be added.

Routine and following work guidelines, using technology continuously etc., can all create stress. The body needs to be able to feel free, and the mind to and have the natural creative space it was gifted with.

How-To-Get-Creative-For-Good-Health-pinHappiness comes engaging with the right-hand side of the brain. The left is the thinking and logical side and too much ‘brain engagement’ can be exhausting, drain the emotions and make you feel washed –out and totally depleted. On the other hand, being in gentle creative mode can enliven.

You can actually feel yourself change. It is easy to tune into your body energy. One simple way is to rub your hands together to feel the warmth. This is energy. You can even then put your hands on some part of your body and feel it waking up to the energy being transferred.

This may be a whole new area for you to explore. It leads to good feelings and joy.

Get creative today!

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By Rosemary Graham
Rosemary Graham is an experienced visionary and sensitive global life transformational coach. The practical techniques and tools she gives prove that positive attitudes can help change lives. Rosemary is passionate about supporting all types of people in achieving authentic, fulfilling lives where their goals are reached. She’s excited when success happens through internal change and dreams are turned into a reality. Overcoming personal self-development challenges herself, has shaped her style and thinking giving clarity and wisdom and passing this on to others.

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