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How To Eat Healthy And Feel Amazing

Learning about the reasons behind your weight gain and following a weight loss regime will help you to regain control over your health. Take a look at the following tips if you’re ready to take control today.

1. Try To Get More Sleep

The latest data shows that when you don’t get the ideal amount of sleep, your body tries to get you to eat more food to compensate for the energy loss. Try to focus on getting a full eight hours of sleep each night to mitigate hunger pangs throughout the day.

2. Choose Your Ideal Diet

If you don’t have access to the foods you love, you’ll stop following a new diet. Try to choose a diet that allows you to eat foods you enjoy, such as pasta, fresh fruit and lean meats. If you eat lots of meat, try to follow a ketogenic diet that allows you to eat meat while maintaining your weight over many years.

3. Drink Water Regularly

By drinking an extra 1.5L of water per day, you can increase a number of calories you burn by as much as 200/day – and drinking an additional 1/2L of water before a meal can lead to you consuming 75 fewer calories at mealtime. So, it’s important that you’re well hydrated throughout the day to prevent overeating and to burn calories.

4. Follow Serving Suggestions

There are specific serving suggestions and sizes for each type of food. Follow this information closely to avoid overeating during meals. For example, a single serving of fish consists of 60 grams.

This infographic will guide you in managing your weight and keeping the pounds off over the coming years.

To learn more on your dietary options, check out the below infographic.


Photo Credit:  Physiomed 

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