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How To Discover Your Own Productivity

Everyone wants to work better and harder. Everyone is ready to quit eating, sleeping and having rest just to accomplish a few more tasks. When the inspiration comes, we are ready to do everything possible just to make it work for us for a longer period of time.

No one wants to miss the blessed minutes when the ideas are born and you can write them down and develop a story line. However, sleepless nights and restless weekends do not benefit your health. Moreover, they are the reason for often losing being productive.

First, you do not notice the malware effect, but in several months or even weeks, your general state gets worse. So how can you keep working hard but remain productive? I discovered some answers to this burning question!

Productivity And Mental State: Are They Related?

In fact, our productivity is always connected to our inner state. Perhaps, you have already noticed that you work better when you are in a good mood. Of course, it is more difficult to concentrate on your work when you want to sleep, eat, or just to take a walk. If you allow yourself some rest and do not work until exhaustion, you do not need much time to restore your productivity. Frequently, one hour is enough to come back to work.

However, sometimes we feel so broken that we cannot even sleep. This is the first sign of over fatigue. Over fatigue is a mental (and sometimes even physical) state when all energy is left and it cannot be restored within the short period of time. In this case, your productivity cannot be restored as well. That is why, if you want to keep working, you need to control your mental state.

Working Under The Pressure

Being a writer, I have a permanent problem of deadlines. I always work under pressure: the ideas come too late, I decide to change my writing, or my manager insists that I need to add something to my story. This influences my productivity dramatically. However, these several methods always help me to remain productive even when I work in tight conditions.

Here are some effective methods that I use daily:

1. Sleeping. Even the toughest deadlines cannot make me work all night long. For me, it is better to sleep a couple of hours and come back to work with a clear head in the morning.

2. Eating Healthy. Omega3 acids are a blessing for my activity rate. Besides, I always include carbs into my meals: they also benefit brain activity.

3. Sports. Take sports classes regularly as this helps you to release body tension and teach your body to relax whenever you want. It is also helpful for those who cannot fall asleep quickly.

4. Morning Meditation. 10 minutes of this morning routine helps me keep balance all day long.

5. Creating Schedules. I always create schedules for my writing. It helps me track my tasks, set the priorities and manage time.

Top 5 Ways Of Increasing Your Productivity

To be productive all the time, you need to change your lifestyle. However, everything starts with small steps that you can accomplish now and enjoy their benefits. These are 5 of the most effective ways to wake up your productivity when you feel that your energy is almost over.

1. Choose Your Working Hours. Some people are active at night, and some people are active in the morning. Find out when your productivity level is in the highest position and use this time for working. Pay attention that there can be several effective periods in a day.

how-to-discover-your-own-productivity-pin2. Eat Some Chocolate. To regain productivity quickly, you need some carbs. Eat a piece of chocolate and get back to work!

3. Clean Your Workplace.  A mess on your table disturbs you from working. When your workplace is clean, it is easier for you to concentrate on work.

4. Turn Off Your Phone.  Messages and calls along with Internet browsing challenge your productivity. If you cannot control your activity, it is better to turn off your phone, tablet, and even WiFi.

5. Find Inspiration.  There are various ways to stay motivated during studying, writing, or working. Discover several inspirations to keep working effectively or develop your own ideas for supporting the high level of productivity.

I believe that these 5 ways should be incorporated into your daily routine along with proper nutrition, sleep, walks and sports. A complex of different approaches will simply have a better effect and increase your productivity level to the maximum.

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By Christine Allen
Christine Allen is a young writer and blogger. She believes that people can get everything that they want from life and that they just need to be sure in what they truly want and be patient.

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