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How To Cleanse Your Mind Of Negative Energy

Does it seem like your life is in a downward slide? You just missed out on that promotion. You’re Mr. Perfect turned out to be Mr. Perfectly Awful. You spend your evenings self-loathing and bemoaning your lot in life.

If this describes your current state, the cause of your dismay could be more than just a string of bad luck. Negative energy that you have unwittingly allowed to take up residence in your body could be poisoning your experiences and interactions and setting you up for failure before you even begin.

To right your ship and head towards sunnier skies, you need to put a conscious effort into ridding yourself of negative energy. In doing so, you can prepare yourself to reject the negative and embrace the positive.

Escape Negativity With Quiet Time

In this hectic world, much negativity is born from the hustle and bustle of life. Make the impact of this common negativity less acute by seeking quiet time. Find a quiet place, free from the distractions of the modern age.

Leave your cell phone and other distractions elsewhere and allow yourself to truly focus on who you are, what you want and how you can get it. Remind yourself that nothing matters but you and the physical world around you. Remind yourself that you are powerful and that you can do almost anything if you set your mind to it. Once you feel renewed, refreshed and revitalized, rejoin the world in progress.

Brush Off Your Negativity

Becoming a negative person usually doesn’t happen overnight. Generally, it creeps up on you. You start off positive and little-by-little start allowing the bad to overtake you. Suddenly, you find yourself overwhelmed with negativity and realize that it’s covering you from head to toe.

One simple way to symbolically and spiritually rid yourself of this negativity is to brush it off. To do this, take your hands and run them down your body, covering every square inch. As you do, visualize yourself pushing the negativity off yourself. Brush from head to toe. When you get to your feet, push the negativity off you and onto the floor.

Consciously think about what you are doing. In doing so, you enable yourself to internalize this action.

Explore Other Perspectives

Developing a more enhanced understanding of others can help you reduce your negativity in two ways. Firstly, it allows you to see the challenges that these individuals face. Secondly, it lets you see how the world looks through their eyes, which gives you a more critical understanding of the world as a whole.

If you’re in the process of a negativity detox, seek out a method of connecting with others and engaging in new experiences. Join a club you previously wouldn’t have, or take a class in something that has always interested you but you’ve never felt you had time to study.

Once you find your source of perspective broadening, fully commit – attending your selected class to truly dive in to your new experiences with vigor.

Bathe The Negativity Away

Sometimes, pesky negativity requires more aggressive efforts to effectively remove. If other attempts have failed, consider a detoxifying bath. Draw a warm bath and add some sea salt. Soak in the tub, closing your eyes and letting yourself reflect on your current state and your desired state.

Think about what you need to do to travel from where you are now to where you want to be. Once your water has cooled, drain the tub. Don’t hop out immediately, however. Sit in the tub and think about the negativity that is hindering your achievement of your goals. Imagine these negative things draining out of your body and down the drain. Once you feel cleansed, get up and begin your day.

Combat Personal Negativity

For many people, a dearth of self-confidence is a major source of negativity. Avoid this common pitfall by actively working to build your self-confidence. Pick up a new hobby or work to refine a skill that you already possess but haven’t fully honed.

When you engage in these self-betterment efforts, don’t view the process as a tedious one in which you must partake, but instead as a welcomed opportunity to grow as a person and become even better at something than you previously were.

To truly reap the maximum benefits, find an outlet for your skill, showcasing some art publicly or sharing writing with others so your creations can positively influence those around you as well.

Critically Select Positive Words

Don’t inadvertently become a self-feeding source of negativity. Words are powerful. When speaking to others, think critically about what you are going to say before you say it. When selecting words, consider not only the denotation but also the connotation of each word you select.

Don’t feel rushed to respond. Instead, have the confidence necessary to pause before giving a response to truly contemplate the ramifications of what you are about to say. In engaging in more thought prior to communicating you can put out positive vibes, which will naturally make the people around you more positive.

As the people around you become more positive, you will, by connection and proximity, become more positive yourself. With continued effort in this direction, you can create a group of positive individuals who reinforce each other’s world views and continually supply each other with the positivity they need to embrace the world and the people in it.

Consciously Avoid Negativity

As your efforts to rid yourself of negativity start to prove fruitful, you need to turn your attention to avoiding picking up new negativity. One of the most effective ways to do this is to be conscious of your thoughts. You can best control your thoughts by taking power over what you take in.

Whether you’re listening to someone speak or just watching TV, listen critically. Think carefully about what the individual is saying to ensure you fully understand their message – intended or otherwise.

Also, be selective about what you do listen to. Avoid listening to things you know will upset you, such as news channels espousing a position you don’t support. Exposing yourself to these things that you know will cause internal conflict will only add to the negativity you feel about your experiences and your life in general.Pin It

Be Open To Positivity

So many of the interactions people have on a daily basis are cursory. Instead of moving through the day like an emotionless robot, truly connect with the world around you. Stop and smell the roses, as the old adage suggests.

The more you connect with the world, the more beauty you will find in it. As you uncover these sources of previously unappreciated beauty, you’ll naturally view the world in a more positive manner. By filling yourself up with positivity, you leave no room for the negativity that previously prevailed.

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By Virginia Palomar
Virginia’s mother was the person to first introduce meditation to her, and has been fascinated ever since. How can I mind be taken to such a calm and peaceful state whilst still being awake? Her calling was to find out more, and help others to do the same! Now, Virginia specializes in Mindfulness Based Integral Psychotherapy and Life Coaching, and teaches her clients how to find sustainable relief from addictions, depression, anxiety and trauma-related distress disorders.

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