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How To Boost Your Libido Using Natural Aphrodisiacs

Natural aphrodisiac foods have been used since the ancient times as a mean to improve the couples’ sex drive. We get older every day and we comply in our daily routines and stressful lives and all these have a great negative impact on our sex life and libido.

Clearly at one point in our relationship we will have to face this disturbing truth. But luckily we can enjoy the natural aphrodisiac foods that have been discovered a very long time ago and which seem to work miraculously in improving our sex lives. Read more on what these foods can do and which ones you want to include in your cuisine.

Our ancestors have found the elixir of happiness in the bedroom a long time ago and now it is our turn to try it out. Whereas some of the ingredients in the aphrodisiacs cookbook have something that really affect one’s libido, others increase the passion and desire in bed just because of their form and how they are eaten.

For instance, let’s take oysters. These little things, disgusting for some and amazing for others, are ones of the aphrodisiacs that work in this matter because of their special taste and substances and also because of the way they are eaten.

Tasting in two a portion of oysters can bring one’s mind on very naughty edges. Also, we can even regard spaghetti as a recipe from an aphrodisiacs cookbook just because although the food itself is not considered an aphrodisiac, the way it may stimulate one’s imagination can positively affect one’s sex drive.

But now let’s get back on talking about the real aphrodisiacs. We cannot really distinguish between male aphrodisiacs and female aphrodisiacs but there is somehow a classification of the miracle foods based on who is more likely to like that particular type of food.

For example, men are less likely to enjoy a good piece of chocolate (one of the world’s most famous aphrodisiacs) while women will be enjoying it until the last bite. Also, female aphrodisiacs such as figs are known because of their special powers in increasing fertility in women.  Male aphrodisiacs include avocado, bananas (obviously also because of their shape).

Pin ItHowever, many such ingredients are famous for their ability to increase the libido in both sexes such as asparagus, almonds, basil, honey and garlic. Although at a first glance garlic does not really seems to be enhancing one’s libido, its high levels of allicin increase the blood flow which may lead to great results especially in the manly department.

To conclude, a certain dimed sexuality is quite normal after you have spent some time together with your partner. The excitement you experienced at the beginning is likely to go away once you both get into your routine and even though keeping the flame burning still in the bedroom may see difficult, make sure try out the natural aphrodisiac foods to keep the passion alive.

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By Heather Redwood
Heather Redwood graduated from Penn State University with a Speech Communication degree, and specializes in communication therapy. She has logged over 15,000 hours in one-to-one sessions with men and women, helping them to cope with codependency issues and love and sex addiction. She also specializes in online dating and marriage counselling.

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