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How To Avoid Burnout

Getting what you want takes a lot of time and effort, but when you spend a large portion of your life focused on one thing, you can get burnt out pretty quickly. There are many symptoms of burnout that will alert you to a problem. Once you are able to recognize that you are in or nearing burnout, you can take steps to dial things back and still get what you want.

However, your main goal should be to avoid burning out in the first place. This does not mean you won’t get what you want, but it will motivate you to approach it in a different way so you preserve your health at the same time that you also reach the goals you have set for yourself.

Symptoms Of Burnout

Before you can prevent burnout, you must know what exactly it is. Symptoms of the condition include fatigue, even when there is no valid reason for you to be tired. If you’re feeling constantly ready for bed with no explanation, chances are you are on burnout mode.

On the other hand, being unable to sleep is another sign that you could be suffering from burnout. If you spend the night lying awake wondering how to get what you want, you may be burnt out and could use a break. You might also notice that you are forgetful or have a hard time concentrating.

Burnout can also produce physical symptoms. You could experience these in any range of severity and might have a couple, just one, or all of them. You may have stomach issues, feel dizzy, faint on occasion or have headaches. You might also notice changes to your appetite, could have depression or anxiety, be more prone to anger and get sick more often, since burnout can lead to a lowered immune system response.

Of course, all of these symptoms could also indicate the presence of another health problem, so be sure to get any of them checked out right away.

Break It Down

Now that you are able to recognize burnout, you can take action to reach your goals while taking that problem out of the equation. The trick is to break down the process into very small steps. When you look at things one at a time, you prevent the whole picture from overwhelming and immobilizing you. Start by breaking your ultimate goal into steps that will get you there.

Then break each of those smaller goals down into manageable steps. Be sure to keep things in a logical order so that you are able to move from one step to the next without stress and frustration. By addressing small things, one at a time, you take a lot of the pressure away from getting what you want.

Figure Out Your Intention

You might have set a goal for yourself, but have you figured out why you want to get there? Having a goal for a broad reason, such as a better job or more money, is great, but what’s your intention behind wanting those things? Once you have this determined, you will have a whole new perspective on what you want. Experts say that if your intention has to do with being better, you will likely never be satisfied. Your intention must be something more far-reaching.

Perhaps you have a goal to get a better job because it will allow you to use your talents to help other people. Or maybe you want to make more money so you can create a better life for your children. By figuring out your true intention, you can come back to it anytime burnout threatens to remind yourself of why you’re trying to get there. This will renew your sense of purpose and boost your motivation at the same time.

Don’t Talk Yourself Out Of It

Many people set goals that include doing something they really love. When that happens, they sometimes try to sabotage themselves and talk themselves out of doing something. People are hardwired to feel guilty when they pursue a love, but making time for the things you are passionate about can help you prevent burnout from sidelining you.

When you find a goal that you feel so strongly about, you may say it’s too hard, it’s not fair to the other people in your life or it’s too expensive. Don’t let these excuses stop you. Go for it and you’ll see the many benefits.

Take Care Of Yourself

When you don’t make time for self-care, you run the risk of major burnout. Experts suggest making plenty of time to exercise, which reduces stress and boosts your mood. A regular workout program can also build self-esteem and make you feel more energetic on a daily basis.

Exercise also help you build a healthy sleep pattern, which can help keep burnout at bay. Many people find that they are most creative and able to look inward when they are walking, biking or swimming, so it makes sense that exercise lets you tune into yourself so that you are better able to tell when burnout might be imminent.

This also helps you gain new perspectives and figure out problems you’re having that are getting in the way of getting what you want. Part of taking care of yourself also involves eating right, so be sure you are filling your plate with a wide variety of healthy foods that fuel your body and brain.

how-to-avoid-burnout-pinLearn To Handle Disappointment

Part of going for what you want is going to include the occasional letdown or hurdle in the path of your destination. When you expect this to happen, it’s a lot easier to deal with, so have a plan of action for when things threaten to get in the way of what you want. Part of the rewards of getting to your goal occur on the path you have to take to get there, so honor what you’re doing at each stage and understand that it’s a necessary step in reaching your ultimate goal.

If you are afraid of disappointment and fear that you won’t reach your goal, not only can it get in the way of success, but it can lead to burn out much more quickly.

Burnout is a very real thing and is a dangerous state that can ultimately interfere with health and cognition. Working really hard to reach a goal is one thing that can certainly cause you to burn out, so making sure you don’t get there keeps you healthy and lets you reach your goals.

Recognizing the symptoms is the first step, and then having a plan of action that lets you work through the many steps to reaching your goal is another important thing. When you set your goal, plan for everything you might encounter along the way, and it won’t be long before you have what you want.


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