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How Much Of Your ‘Average Perfect Day’ Are You Living Right Now?

How much of your ‘average perfect day’ are you living right now?

Just how wealthy are you?

We all know that money is not the only indicator of wealth… so how many ‘rich’ moments are you already enjoying in your life?

Are you rich in sunset appreciation? Are you rich in social experiences? Are you rich in holidays?

What do you have and what do you want more of…

The phrase ‘Average Perfect Day’ (APD) means the ‘average’ day you would like to live every day. From what happens the moment you wake up till the last thing you do before bed. That doesn’t mean you have to live that day every single day… this is your amazing average day.

What it’s easy to forget is that you are already living elements of your APD right now. You enjoy and experience things in your life that are part of your APD.

After you have run through this simple exercise you will have a clear idea of how wealthy you really are right now! And just how much of your APD you are already living.

You may be surprised by your results as you discover how much of your APD you are already living. Then it’s about focusing on doing more of those things and more of the things you want to add to your APD.

Ok, so let’s get to it.

Step One: Quickly write down 20 things that you like doing…

Yes this includes sex! Everything and anything you like doing from eating a nutritious breakfast of super foods to swimming in the ocean. Write down the first 20 things you think of.

Step Two: Choose your 10 favorite things from the list.

In no particular order, you are simply looking for 10 ‘markers’ that let you know you are living your average perfect day.

Step Three: Draw an image (or use Photoshop and Google images) of something that represents each of your 10 favorite activities.

Stick this collage of pictures up on your wall, somewhere that’s easy to see that you will see every day.

Repetition reinforces the neural pathways in your mind and each and every time you look at this image you will be seeing the things that make your life perfect… It’s a lot like a ‘vision board’ but it includes things that you already do that you want more of.

Step Four: Each time you do one of your APD activities place a sticker (give yourself a ‘gold star’) or draw a green tick next to the picture of the thing you did.

Now, here is the real trick…

Step Five: Feel good… That’s right, feel good about your ‘Average Perfect Day’ experiences that you’re enjoying. Each time you draw a tick, or place a sticker next to one of those pictures, feel good. Actually take a moment to stop and enjoy the moment. Enjoy the feeling of knowing you are already experiencing aspects of your APD and you are becoming wealthier in experiences.

If someone wants to learn the guitar but feels bad every time they make a mistake practicing scales or chords they are not going to get very far learning the guitar. If instead, every time they make a mistake they don’t notice it while every time they get the chord change or scale correct they feel good, then they are going to be drawn towards and enthused for the activity much more.

It is much more likely that it will become a reality, they will master that skill much more quickly, stay motivated, keep going and have loads more fun doing it.

The same is true for your ‘Average Perfect Day’. The more you focus on the good feelings and focus on what you do have rather than what you don’t the more you will be drawn towards experiencing more of them. You will experience more of your APD experiences, feel wealthier and have more fun.

You can look at your picture every day and feel bad that you aren’t having some of the experiences in your life. Or you can look at your picture and feel good that you are working towards achieving and attracting more of those aspects of your Average Perfect Day into your life. As well as opening your eyes to all the other great opportunities that surround you.

Step Six: Repeat! Next month and again every month for a year… think of another 10 things you would like to experience more of in your life… Add them to a picture and put it up somewhere… give yourself a gold star or a big green tick each time you experience those things too.

Just think about how amazing it would be to have 12 different Average Perfect Days pictures and a visual measure of how many times you have experienced aspects of each one of those awesome experiences over the year.

Pin ItHow wealthy are you going to feel knowing and seeing a record of all the wonderful aspects of your life?

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