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Video: This Is How Much Coffee, Water Or Chocolate May Be Dangerous

This super-informative video is packed with incredible facts about what, if consumed in excess, can cause serious damage to your health. Among others are some seemingly harmless everyday foods like chocolate and cherries.

First, let’s have a look at different food and drinks:

Chocolate: 85 full-sized chocolate bars contain the dose of theobromine that is lethal to humans.

Coffee: 70 cups of coffee can trigger a cardiac arrest.

Alcohol: 13 consecutive shots of alcohol can shut down the areas of the brain that control basic life functions.

Water: 6 liters of water will cause a water intoxication leading to comas and death.

Cherries:  2 cherry pits can cause death if you chew them. They contain cyanide which causes your cells to be unable to use oxygen. Don’t worry though, swallowing cherry seeds will not cause any harm.


But what other things can kill us?

Holding your breath for over 6 minutes can result in death, over 4 minutes – in serious brain injury. Of course some of the professional divers were known to be able to hold their breath for up to 20 minutes!

Pin ItSleep deprivation can also kill you. The longest known period a human went without sleep is 11 days 24 minutes. This was done by Randy Gardner who intentionally went without sleep to research the health effect of sleep deprivation. And although he fully recovered from his loss of sleep, regular lack of sleep can have serious negative effects on health.

Listening to music can be harmful too.  Sounds louder than 185 decibels put your body under pressure that could burst the lungs or cause the heart to stop.

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