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How I Found In Writing The Source Of My Own Meditation

In a world that is constantly changing, how do you make sense of it all? What are some ways that you meditate?

Do you rely on your religion to get you through hard times? Are you an emotional eater? Do you take out large amounts of money to spend to your heart’s delight? There are many ways that people relieve stress. Writing can be one of them.

Writing is an effective tool that helps one tap into peaceful meditation. It helps individuals put their wandering thoughts onto paper, allowing for dynamic reflection. If you have a meditation routine, you might want to consider including a little writing into your reflection time. If you find that traditional meditation is difficult, writing can provide a new way. In fact, if you find your thoughts wandering, writing can be a great way to settle them down as you become more aware of yourself as a writer.

Those who are involved in professional writing find this activity to be extremely beneficial as it enriches skill and technique.

What Are Some Ways You Can Maximize Your Quiet Time?

Slow Down

Start off by finding a quiet place. This has to be an intentionally chosen place between you and your thoughts. Avoid noisy environments. If you are amongst others, kindly let them know that this time is extremely important to you. You need a quiet environment to hear your thoughts; otherwise you might miss the point.

Take Breaths

Stop and take 21 breaths. As an alternative, try sitting still for up to 15 minutes. Allow all of your focus to be on your breath, the sounds of the room, and giving attention to the awareness of your body. Let every sensation bring you to a place of vulnerability for your experience.

Free Write

Now that you have entered a quiet space, set aside 10 minutes to write all of your thoughts down on paper. Avoid stopping, editing, and becoming distracted by other things. Simply center all of your attention on getting your exact thoughts from your mind to the paper. Avoid trying to create a writing piece while doing this. All you need to do in this moment is write at your own pace. Be open and let your words flow from within.

The intention behind this step is to unnerve your thoughts by writing until you find the source of your wandering. Just remember that there is absolutely no incorrect way to approaching this. Personalize it. Do it your way.


After 10 minutes has passed, take deep breaths and reflect on what has been written. Listen to the words that flow from your lips. Avoid self-editing. Allow yourself the opportunity to feel the emotions behind each word.

Scan Through

Take a look at what you wrote and highlight anything that calls your attention whether it is a word, sentence, or section. Any of these phrases can be used for another time of writing reflection. There does not need to be a real intention behind this.

Share Your Experience

There is no way you could possibly keep this amazing experience to yourself! Share the positive outcome that you have experienced with others. Determine that whatever you have gained during this time, you will allow everyone around you to be touched with its impact.

One of the most important tips to offer reflective writers is to protect your craft. There are times when we are tempted to be irresponsible with our schedules and offer ourselves to tasks that do not add to our being. In this way, we expend energy on worthless acts. In order to write effectively during times of meditation, it is important that you keep proper boundaries and stick to your deadlines.

Get some much needed rest. Do not allow yourself to be negatively impacted with sickness because you failed to take responsibility for yourself. Personally, I have exercised this practice for approximately 5 years. Every day I would set aside intentional time to spend alone and reflect. I would put myself into each sacred story I read and write what comes to mind.

Pin ItAfter reflecting, I would write a letter with my thoughts. In this way, I take my mind off of myself and allow my being to become less significant. This provides so much clarity and peace. In fact, when I miss these intimate moments, my day is completely disorganized.

If you stay committed to this practice, you will be amazed how much you have progressed as a writer and a person. You will be surprised how much you have grown as a writer. You have gained insight that you otherwise would not have received had you not taken the time to free write your thoughts out on paper.

Don’t be afraid to do something wrong. I’m sure that you will find your own way to become more peaceful.

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By Christine Allen
Christine Allen is a young writer and blogger. She believes that people can get everything that they want from life and that they just need to be sure in what they truly want and be patient.

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