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20 Hard Truths About Life That You Need To Realize

Life is a journey of discovery, but there are a couple of hard truths that everyone inevitably faces along the way. Some of these can be difficult to accept, but must be faced at some point.

1.    Savor the precious moments because time flies

Life is short and nothing is permanent, so enjoy the good while it lasts because it won’t be forever. Accepting this fact will allow you to savor precious moments and make the most of them instead of living with regret when they pass.

2.    It is impossible for everyone you know to stay the same

Change is one of the true constants in life and it is inevitable that the people you know will change over time. As they grow older and their priorities change you might feel yourself drifting apart from people who you used to be very close with, and there isn’t much you can do about it.

3.    There is no way to control everything in your life

As much as we would love to have complete control over every aspect of our lives there are some things that are just out of our control. It is important to accept this fact and learn how to cope with the unexpected instead of trying to micromanage everything.

4.    Coping with difficulty is part of life

Some hardship is inevitable in life and it is something that everybody has to endure at some point. No matter how much you try to prepare yourself there will be times where you will have to deal with unexpected adversity or suffering.

5.    Eventually your loved ones won’t be able to stay beside you

Treasure your loved ones and spend as much time with them as possible as they won’t be around forever. It is a sad fact of life that people pass away, so make the most of your time with them as you never know when the day will come that you will have to say goodbye.

6.    People will prioritize their own problems

It is good to have people you can rely on, but there will be times when they may act in a selfish manner. This does not mean that they are bad friends, but you have to realize that they have their own lives and not take it personally when they prioritize their problems over your own.

7.    Appearance really matters

As unfair as it is to judge people on their appearance instead of their personality, it is something that most people do. Take the time to pay attention to your appearance and you will not only feel better about yourself, but also make a better impression on others..

8.    There will be times that you fail no matter how hard you try

Even if you are good at some things there is no way to succeed in everything you do. Failure is part of life, but does not mean you are a failure. Learn from your failures instead of becoming completely discouraged. Remember that everyone fails at something at some point in their lives, but it is how you react to failure that matters.

9.    You have to learn not to dwell on the past

Learning from the past can be valuable, but dwelling too much on what could have been won’t do you any good. By letting go you can focus on the present and work towards a better future instead of staying chained to the past.

10.    There will be people you have to cut out of your life

The people with whom you surround yourself can have a big impact on your life, so don’t spend it with ones who are always bringing you down. At some point you have to learn to exclude these people from your life to get away from their negative influence.

11.    Nobody is popular with everybody

Try as you might there is no way to make everybody like you. No matter what you do there will always be people with whom you end up rubbing the wrong way. Instead of trying to change who you are, focus on the people that you do get along with and who appreciate your company.

12.    There won’t always be someone around to praise you

Recognition and praise is always nice, especially if you accomplish something big, but don’t count on others for validation. By all means give yourself a pat on the back in recognition of your achievements, but if you only do things because you expect praise for it, you will be very disappointed.

13.    You have to take responsibility for your own actions

It is easy to blame others for things that go wrong in your life, but at some point you have to take responsibility for your own actions. Own up to your mistakes and be accountable for the things that you do in life. Always laying the blame at the feet of others means relinquishing control over improving your situation.

14.    Sometimes you will have to make sacrifices

There will be times in your life when you must make choices that won’t necessarily be to your own benefit. Sometimes you might need to make sacrifices, or at the very least compromises, especially when you become a parent. This can be hard to accept, but it is part of life.

15.    Love is not always eternal

Every fairy tale ends on a happily ever after, but in real life not every relationship will last forever. Appreciate the relationships you form with other people, but also remember that when they are over it is not the end of the world.

16.    Success is not something that happens overnight

Success requires hard work and perseverance. The odds of finding shortcuts to fame, fortune and success are very slim and you are only setting yourself up for disappointment if you sit back and wait for it to come to you instead of putting in any real effort.

17.    Talent means nothing without drive

It doesn’t matter how much talent you have, you will not achieve success if you don’t have the drive and motivation to put it to good use.

18.    There is no use waiting for the “right” time

Waiting for the “right” time to do something or make changes in your life usually just leads to procrastination. Instead of waiting for a time that may never arrive, take matters into your own hands and go for what it is you want.

19.    There will always be others who are better than youPin It

Constantly comparing yourself to others is a sure way to destroy your confidence, as there will always be others that are better at something than you are. Stop measuring yourself by the success of others and focus on the things you are good at.

20.    You cannot do everything yourself

Whether it is due to time, skills or resources, there are some things in life that we simply cannot accomplish on our own. Accepting this fact and learning when to delegate or ask others for assistance will help prevent you from feeling overwhelmed all the time.

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By Nancy Burnett
Nancy, a Master Coach and Certified Professional Co-Active Life Coach (CPCC) has a passion for helping her clients to live vibrant, authentic and fulfilling lives; lives that are under their total control and which have been shaped in exactly the way they want. She believes that you can live a life that you love and that it is possible to manifest your dreams into reality.

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