9 Cool Hacks For Organizing Your Life

Organizing your life today can be a challenge. With ever-growing demands on your time, managing everything effectively can be incredibly difficult and overwhelming. Luckily, there are as many effective solutions as there are life-organizing dilemmas!

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With so many tools and hacks available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the options, so this article highlights nine of the most effective life-organizing hacks (both virtual and physical) to make things easier for you.

Apps To Help You Stay Organised:

Virtual apps for smartphones, tablets and computers can help you organise your reality in many different areas of your life:

1. BigOven – Manage Your Grocery Shopping
How much time do you spend at the grocery store thinking about what you need to get? Because this often takes much longer than we expect it to, many of us opt for quicker unhealthy food options.

With BigOven however, shopping and meal planning is made a lot quicker and simpler! The app has over 350,000 recipes and many meal plans to choose from and automatically creates easy-to-use grocery lists. It also allows you to create a meal plan of your own – saving you hours each week!

2. Remember The Milk – Manage Your To-Do List
Creating an effective to-do list involves a lot more than simply noting down the things you need to do. Remember The Milk lets you organize the items in your list by day, priority, type and location – making your list more manageable, realistic and effective!

The app also lets you connect to other apps and platforms such as Evernote, Twitter and Gmail.

3. LastPass – Manage Your Passwords
Have you ever lost a password and had to go through complicated tests, automated phone calls, text messages with codes, etc., in order to get a new one? LastPass is a secure password manager that can save you the stress, panic and anxiety of losing/misplacing a password.

It stores all your passwords in an organized way and helps you locate them wherever and whenever you need them!

4. Timr – Keep Track Of Your Time
Ever wondered where all the hours in a day go? Timr can help you build awareness of your time easily and efficiently! It’s a comprehensive time tracking tool that not only lets you know how much time you spend doing what, but also provides useful, easy-to-understand daily/weekly/monthly reports of your activities – helping you optimize your time and to improve your productivity.

When you are aware of how you really spend your time, you will most likely make better decisions with it.

5. Moovit – Save Time On The Road
Save time commuting to and from different places and make sure you’re always punctual with Moovit. The app lets you; 1) discover the best routes to your destination, 2) find the closest bus/tram/metro stops to you, 3) find out about delays, changed/disrupted schedules, 4) keep track of bus/tram/metro arrival and departure times, etc.

Planning your transit is so much easier when you know just what to expect! Say goodbye to stress.

Tips On How To Organize Your Physical Space:

There’s only so much a virtual app can do to help you get organized. Unfortunately there isn’t an app that can help you maintain an environment to encourage productivity in your home/office, but there are several fun, easy ways that you can make that happen yourself!

6. Post-it Notes – Label Everything
Post-it notes can come in handy to label everything from cables (telling your cables apart is often a time consuming process!) to storage boxes (to quickly determine what’s inside each one of them). You can also use them to leave reminders for yourself in places where you’re bound to see them around the home/workplace.

7. Velcro Strips – Keep Things Tidy
Velcro strips are incredibly versatile and can be used in numerous creative ways to help you keep your home/workplace organized. They can help you with anything from securing power strips and cables to the leg of a desk and keeping all your cables organized, to sticking items in the same place all the time to save you the trouble of looking for them afterwards!

8. Storage Boxes – De-Clutter
Research has shown that clutter can have a negative impact on both your physical and emotional well-being – and therefore on your mindset and productivity. Do you really need all the stuff lying around your living room or office?

Take time to de-clutter your space and turn it into one that encourages productive thoughts and activities. Use storage boxes to keep things out of sight but still easy to find when needed.

For smaller items try tackle boxes like these, for larger items try something like this or like this.

9. Shelving Units – Keep Things Easy To Find
Instead of keeping items in clusters on a desk or in a pile somewhere, carefully organized shelving units can give you more room to place things and to keep items easy to find. They can also be made into aesthetically pleasing yet functional pieces of furniture in a room!
9-Cool-Hacks-For-Organizing-Your-LifeThere are many different options to choose from, depending on how much space you need, etc.

Apply these hacks now and you will have more time to think about more important things than what each cable in your home is for! Have fun getting organized and make the most the incredible tools out there.

Getting organized has never been easier! What are you waiting for?

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