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Video: Good Posture Is Even More Important Than You Know

When you were growing up, you may have heard your parents or teachers shout “Don’t slouch!” The suggestion was probably that hunched shoulders or a less-than-upright body suggests disrespect or disinterest.

Later on, you likely learned that good posture wasn’t just a matter of looking good to others, but also something that would help to reduce back pain and other chronic aches.

However, this four and a half minute TED-Ed talk from Murat Dalkilinç will help you understand why good posture is even more important than you’ve likely been led to believe so far.

As Dalkilinç explains, the type of posture you adopt and maintain shapes every single little movement made by your body, and this chain reaction means that posture influences not just the obvious places (like your neck and spine) but also every other muscle and joint you have.

Perhaps even more significantly, there is a close connection between posture and how your body copes with new or continued stresses placed on it by lifestyle, hobbies and career. You’ll probably Pin Itfind yourself trying to fix your posture even as you watch the video!

By the end, you’ll be thinking about whether you need to buy a more ergonomic chair or keyboard—anything to improve that all-important posture. In addition, Dalkilinç exposes the major habits and modern conventions that are making posture worse on average than ever before. You might never view smartphone usage or laptop gaming in the same way again!

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