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Give Your Day A Boost With These Energizing Superfoods

Most people, at one time or another, complain of flagging energy levels. There are many reasons why you might find yourself fatigued or out of energy, but the good news is that incorporating certain foods into your meal plan can really help.

Foods that contain a good amount of protein, fat and healthy carbs are what you’re after. That’s because these nutrients are ideal for giving you energy. You also want to choose foods full of B-vitamins because they are responsible for converting your meals into energy.

Here’s everything you need to know about choosing superfoods for energy.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

According to the experts at Health magazine, omega-3 fatty acids are great for your mood. They can help fight depression and give you a boost, both mentally and physically. That makes salmon one of your choices for a life of happiness. Prepare it grilled, roasted or baked.

If you can’t stand seafood, green leafy veggies, flaxseed or fish oil tablets are great alternative choices. Talk to your doctor about the most appropriate amount of omega-3s for your diet.

How About Coconut?

According to the Coconut Research Center, this fruit has loads of health benefits. That includes giving you a quick dose of energy. You can definitely enjoy fresh coconut, but coconut milk and coconut water are also prime choices.

In fact, studies show that coconut water is a great option for refueling after a workout. Try using shredded coconut as a breading for chicken, shrimp or fish. Or use coconut milk to make soup, pancakes or bread in place of traditional milk.

Healthy Carbs

Many people make the mistake of assuming that carbohydrates equal weight gain. That simply isn’t the case. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, carbohydrates are actually your body’s main source of energy.

The problem is that there are many unhealthy sources of carbs. That includes refined grains, soda, desserts and other unhealthy foods. It’s important to choose healthy sources of carbs instead.

You’ll want to opt for fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains to meet your daily needs. Incorporate them into each meal and snack to optimize your daily energy levels and keep things revved all day long.

Dark Chocolate

There couldn’t be better news than finding out that you can eat chocolate as part of your healthy meal plan. Think about how great eating something you love feels. Not only does chocolate give you a boost because you like the way it tastes and you enjoy the creamy texture of eating it, but research also shows that it has other mood boosting benefits too.

According to Diana L. Walcutt, Ph.D., eating a lovely square of dark chocolate increases your levels or endorphins and serotonin, both of which are hormones that help maintain a healthy mood. The only caveat here is that you have to eat chocolate in moderation since it does contain calories and can lead to weight gain if you eat too much of it.

Pin ItOther foods that can boost mood include folate and other B vitamins, such as fortified cereal, grains, fish and meats. The United States Department of Agriculture, recommends eating a large variety of foods from each food group.

That makes it easy to get enough of all the nutrients you need to stay happy and healthy. Not to mention lowering your risk of depression. Talk with your doctor about making some choices that will make your diet better for your mood. Being happy has never been so tasty.

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By Shauna Walker
Personal trainer, fitness coach and wellness expert for over twenty years. Shauna is able to connect personally with her clients because I faced my own wellness challenges at a young age. She started her personal journey towards feeling fit and healthy twenty years ago, and has never looked back. Once struggling with her weight, she also had confidence issues and found it hard to stick with diet and exercise. Shauna managed to break free of this struggle, and now wants to give back and share the lessons she has learned.

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