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I Get it Then Lose It: What’s Going On?

Woman holding her hands to her chest with an expression of love and gratitude

Everyone knows the feeling: things are going well, you’re feeling great about the future, and then something comes along and you lose that positivity. However, the good news is that there’s a rational explanation for why this happens, and there’s plenty you can do in order to combat it.

In this video, I’ll take a detailed look at how your internal world needs to change so that your external world experiences lasting, transformational change. In just under four minutes, you can finally discover the answer to why the things you achieve don’t seem to last—and you can learn how to ensure that this negative pattern doesn’t repeat in your future.

While you can “force” a degree of external change, the truth is that it just can’t be sustained without concurrent personal transformation. In the video I’ll explains how you can approach this key process of personal growth in a way that maximizes success. You are already all you need to be for all your desires to come to pass, but you need to willingly step into that belief if you’re going to use the Law of Attraction to its full potential.

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By Kristen Howe
Kristen Howe, also known as "The Go Big Coach", has coached online gurus, screenwriters, Broadway actors, stay at home moms and many more people to create meaning and happiness in their lives, relationships and careers. She’s studied success strategies and Universal Laws for over two decades. Kristen’s life changing programs are used by thousands of people worldwide and her Law of Attraction Key Online Magazine, videos and interviews reach over 100,000 people each week.

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