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5 Simple Ways To Triple Your Productivity Now

We all want to be more productive, get more done, achieve more at the end of the day and get results sooner – who doesn’t?

Yet you don’t find many people mastering productivity, instead, you find more people complaining they just don’t have time!

So what sets productive people apart from the not so productive? There are many ways to get more productive; and a wealth of tips and tools available to help you.

What you won’t find so easily are tips on how you might be undermining your productivity, you want to be aware of both.

Here are five simple, yet powerful ways to easily triple your productivity now.

1. To-Do Lists Don’t Help

Productive people don’t work from to-do list’s, they don’t work from an endless list of items.

If you really want to boost your productivity, ditch your to-do list and schedule your tasks into your calendar as commitments. Use your calendar for your appointments and your to-do’s!

You are more likely to follow through with your to-do’s if they are on your calendar, not in a long list that keeps you overwhelmed and never ends.

2. Don’t Wait To Be Motivated To Start

If you feel you need to be motivated to do something, you might be missing the point.

Most people procrastinate because they are not motivated or they don’t feel like doing a task, so they decide to do something that is more motivating.

You are seriously undermining your results if you don’t step up and either find the motivation in the moment or simply do what you need to, motivated or not.

Unless you take control of your mind in the moment, it will take control of you.

Keep the outcome in mind, if the outcome is going to serve you and help you achieve your goals sooner, focus on that, not the fact that you are not motivated in the moment so that means you don’t need to challenge yourself.

3. Fuel Your Body And Mind Throughout The Day

You have heard it before, but maybe you didn’t give it the seriousness it deserves – start your day off with a low GI breakfast.

Your body needs energy throughout the day, so you really want to eat foods that release energy slowly and not foods that give you a false energy spike to only make you feel worse later.

You also want to ensure you are drinking water throughout the day. Did you know that you can increase your productivity by drinking more water?

Your body and mind need to be given the right nutrients to stay hydrated, perform at it’s best, to stay focused more easily and to have more energy to get more done.

4. Take Control Of Your Mornings!

Productive people always master the mornings! Whether this is waking up earlier, working on the hardest task first, or having your hour power ritual to get you in the right mindset to win for the day.

Whatever works for you, take control of the mornings and start the day off powerfully to boost your productivity.

The power of mastering your mornings cannot be overstated, how you start the day is everything!

You know how your day goes when you wake up after hitting that snooze button one too many times, half asleep as you get dressed and drag yourself out of the house.

Taking control of the mornings allows you to achieve more in the day, not only do you get more done, but you are in a winning mindset because of it.

5. Start With The End In Mind

What do you ultimately want to achieve at the end of the month, week or day? Ask yourself what result you are really after and then list the tasks and actions you need to take to get you those results.

Prioritize those tasks, otherwise, your day will be driven by other peoples demands on your time or things you think you should be doing.

If you start the day with the question – “what do I need to do today?” you have already lost the battle.

What you actually want to achieve comes first, then what you do you need to do to achieve it.

A simple change in the order of questions will change what action you take and how quickly you achieve your goals.

How much more could you achieve if you mastered your productivity and got more done in the day? Not only would you get results sooner, but you will have more time to do other things too!

Increasing your productivity does not have to be an elusive dream, it’s in your control, every moment of the day.

Remember, it is not time we are lacking, but rather the skills to manage our time effectively.

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By Kirstin O’Donovan
Kirstin O’Donovan is a “multinational” business coach, author and founder of Top Results Coaching With over 9 years experience working in the field of coaching and personal development, she provides her expertise to help entrepreneurs and small business owners to improve results and performance. Kirstin is also passionate about helping individuals to successfully achieve their goals and create their "ideal" life according the their specific interests and needs.

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