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Video: It Only Takes A Few Minutes To Figure Out Your Whole Life’s Purpose

Philosophers have long questioned the meaning of life, with no clear consensus emerging. Even if you think that the meaning of one’s life is subjective, you might still feel that the question of your life’s purpose is a daunting one. After all, how are you supposed to figure out what gives your days value, or what you can give to the world that no one else can?

Well, Adam Leipzig is here to tell you that you can actually figure out your entire life’s purpose in about five minutes. What’s the secret? In this TEDx talk, Leipzig reveals what he has learned from his work as a producer and as the owner of a business consulting practice, as well as from his own experiences contemplating the idea of a vocation.

As part of business consulting, he helps people reach out to their markets by asking them questions that help them find their path and create new products or services. As Leipzig shows, these same questions can help anyone figure out how their work can better connect with their life’s purpose.

Pin ItWith just five simple questions, he’ll get you truly thinking about how you want to spend your days and what makes you feel alive. Perfect for those who feel like they have too many options as well as those who believe they have too few, Leipzig’s talk is a powerful reminder that we often over-complicate things and can benefit from taking a step back.

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