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Video: False Things You Believe About Sugar And Its Health Effects

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Everywhere you look, you’ll see strong claims about sugar—many of them contradictory. One person will tell you that the only way to stay maximally healthy is to entirely exclude sugar from your diet, while another will tell you that the real issue is which type of sugar you’re consuming.

Since articles about sugar attract a lot of attention (especially from people who want to lose weight or are worried about gaining it), certain myths are becoming increasingly widespread. So, what should you believe about sugar?

In just two and a half minutes, you’ll see five rumors about sugar clearly and thoroughly debunked. If you’ve ever wondered whether sugar substitutes are a better choice, shopped for organic sugar in the hopes of being healthier, or gobbled down a sugary treat in the hopes of satisfying hunger, you need to watch and listen to this video.

This brief presentation also addresses questions you might have about how dangerous the sugar content of fruits might be, and discusses the issue of whether you should be eliminating sugar from your life.

False-Things-You-Believe-About-Sugar-And-Its-Health-EffectsYou’ll be healthier, wiser and more clear-headed after taking in this crucial information. And if you want to know more or are itching to asses some of the evidence for yourself, simply follow up on the impressive list of research resources presented at the end of the video for your convenience!

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