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Video: Everything You Need To Know About Why Vitamins Are So Important

Ever since you were a little kid, you’ve been told that it’s vital to get a good supply of vitamins from your diet. Perhaps your parents even encouraged you to take vitamin supplements to ensure you were getting everything you needed for your growing body.

In adulthood, you may well have continued to take these supplements and to extoll the virtues of vitamins—but do you really understand why they’re so important?

Have you ever wondered why vitamin A is supposed to be such a big deal, asked yourself which vitamins help to keep the immune system strong, or tried to figure out the best sources of vitamin D when you’re not able to get adequate sun exposure?

You’re not alone! In spite of the fact that everyone talks about vitamins, they’re surprisingly poorly understood by the general population.

Pin ItIn this enlightening and funny TED-Ed video, Ginnie Trinh Nguyen takes you on a tour of the most significant vitamins, explaining exactly what they are and how we get them. In the process, she debunks some of the myths you might believe about vitamin sources and about the body’s ability to absorb vitamins in certain forms.

Straightforwardly illustrated with colorful explanatory cartoons, this video is digestible for children and adults alike, teaching crucial lessons about what we need in order to survive.

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